You will not be surprised if I tell you that girls love compliments, will you? However, very often men cannot find the right words to praise the girl they like. If you are one of them or just want to enlarge your praise vocabulary, you are welcome to go through the list of the best compliments you can make.

However, before going straight to our top list, I want to remind you how to make a compliment. First of all, remember that if you like the girl there definitely is something special about her and you must praise this something. There is no need to invent beautiful words.

So, before saying a compliment, make sure that:

– it has to be true-to-life. In other case you will lose the girl’s respect and trust in you;

– your compliment goes from the bottom of your heart;

– your compliment has both beautiful shape and content, since using too beautiful and unusual words can alert the girl;

– you make the compliment with enthusiasm and faith in what you are saying.  

If you follow our advice, you will not need to look for the best compliments to please your girl. The most important thing, though, is to try not to prepare anything beforehand. If you think of something nice, let the girl know about it immediately. Your inspired words will have a much better effect on her than any wonderful words learned by heart.

In case you have never made any compliments before, you will definitely need to start with some prepared phrases. Do not worry, you will gradually develop the skill to say nice words. You could also go to a training session or try practicing “flattery” on your sister, mother, friend, pet, etc.  

Now that you know how to compliment a girl, you are welcome to look through the list of the best compliments we have prepared for you.

  1. “Wow! This looks incredible on you!” This compliment emphasizes the fact that your girl is special. You may not be a trend follower; still you could definitely pay attention to the woman’s style. Instead of saying something like “You are amazing”, try making a remark about her style and then make the right compliment.
  2. “You smell nice.” Frankly speaking, I personally consider it to be one of the best compliments because it is very original. Believe me, women spend a lot of money on perfume, and your girl will be pleased to hear that you like the smell. Moreover, if your girlfriend is not keen on perfumery (like me) and says “But I am not wearing any perfume”, you will have a chance to say that you like her natural aroma.
  3. “How come that we haven’t met before?” Isn’t it the most romantic phrase to hear?
  4. “It’s a great car”. If your girlfriend drives a car, she will be pleased to hear you praising her vehicle. And if you add that she is a great driver, she will be the happiest girl ever.
  5. “You are doing great with it”. Saying this compliment, you will get the girl’s full appreciation. If you say that she is doing something better than anyone else you have seen, she will be overjoyed. For example, if the girl is into cooking, say that you have never eaten such a delicious cake before.
  6. “You have a positive influence on me”. Using this phrase wisely, you will awake a lot of feelings in your woman as she will be happy to hear she is making this world better.
  7. “You are the smartest girl I have ever met”. The girl will melt hearing such a compliment, since other men are likely to have praised her beauty; while your making stress in her intelligence will show that you have serious intentions.
  8. Notice some changes in the girl. The best way to find out which compliment she will like is to know her really well. Watch how she communicates or chooses clothes. For example, you could say that the new hat, scarf, glasses really suit her.
  9. Saying something nice about the girl’s character is also one of the best compliments you can make. Girls, especially the ones, who always hear how beautiful they are, appreciate complimenting about their character more than anyone else.
  10. “You make me feel good anywhere.” This phrase is on our best compliments list as it will show the girl that you like spending time with her. Isn’t that the best proof that you care about her much?