Every man, who decides to become a client of our matchmaking agency is usually very serious about his decision. I mean that almost 100% of love-seekers come to us to meet their special ONE and marry her. That is why they always ask us questions about how to impress a girl, how to understand that she is their destiny, how to behave with a girl, what to do to make relationship last longer, etc.

Interestingly, even when a couple has been created, engaged and already decided on the date of their wedding, we do not stop getting questions from a husband-to-be devoted to different topics, one of which is how to become an ideal husband.

As usually, we tend not to invent the answer ourselves, but ask our ladies to comment on the issue and share the information with you, my dear men. So, this article is the result of our research presenting you 10 qualities of a perfect husband, which Ukrainian ladies expect to see in their men.

TOP 10 qualities of a good husband

  1. Good manners.

Dating a Ukrainian woman you must understand that a possible good husband has to be good-mannered above all. He knows how to behave at home and in public; he is never rude and does not get too personal with unfamiliar people. He will definitely open the door for a lady and will always thank a hospitable housemistress for good reception.

  1. Determination.

An ideal man always has aims in life and ambitions. He will not stay on the same place and wait until luck finds him. He is an assertive person and always knows how to get what he wants.

  1. Care.

Dating a Ukrainian woman and hoping to marry her remember that a truly loving husband will undoubtedly treat his better half with care and attention. He will never refuse or be too lazy to take his beloved back home from work, ask how she feels if she did not feel well the day before.

  1. Attention.

It is every woman’s dream to hear compliments and receive presents from her beloved on special occasions. Even if she does not tell about it directly or makes no hints, a real man knows it and does whatever  it takes to please his beloved woman.

  1. Being responsible.

Dating a Ukrainian woman you should know that she wants her husband to be able to take any responsibility; he does not say too much and he will always be there for his wife.

  1. Being loyal.

Trust and loyalty are two main qualities the absence of which will make it impossible to build strong relationship. That is why a real man, who can make a perfect husband, will always be loyal to his special lady.

  1. Being decisive.

If dating a Ukrainian woman you are planning to become an ideal husband, you undoubtedly must be decisive. It is quite natural that from time to time there appear moments, when it is time to make a tough decision. This is when the development of the situation depends on the husband’s being able to take action.

  1. Being  thrifty.

You may think that thriftiness is not the quality a man should have. However, it is worth mentioning that families, in which a husband shares his wife’s responsibilities, face the conflicts and arguments quite rarely.

  1. Easy-going.

A man must not be difficult to communicate with and stick-in-the-mud kind of a person. If dating a Ukrainian woman you are too obsessed with your work, you do not want to move around, the best place for you is your house only,  your relationship will become hard and boring. A marriage with such a man will not last for too long.

  1. Being understanding.

No relationship will last forever without mutual understanding. As practice has shown, most of women are understanding, while men usually lack exactly this quality. That is why, if you want to become an ideal husband to your woman, it will be good to learn to be the one she can trust.

So, what do YOU think? Can YOU make an ideal husband for your lady?