Are you planning to visit Kharkov in 2018 but hesitate whether you will have something interesting to do? Then our article will be of major interest, as it will tell you about how you can spend your time in our amazing city.

  1. The first of the things to do in Kharkov, especially in January-March is to visit the main skating-rink of our city. It is traditionally made in the central square of the city, which is one of the favorite places for Kharkov citizens to spend their free time at. The size of the rink is about 1600 meters and it is situated next to the biggest Christmas tree in the city. Therefore, if you want to feel the romantic atmosphere of the holiday, you will definitely enjoy skating surrounded by festive lights, breathing fresh winter air and listening to wonderful music. If you feel hungry after a skating session, the fair, which is also in the central square at this time, will offer you a big number of delicious snacks and drinks to get you warm in cold weather.  
  2. Kharkov zoo is another place you must visit, when you are in our city. It was founded in 1895 and is considered to be one of the oldest in Europe. The territory of the zoo is about 22 acres and it contains 400 species of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, including rare species and the ones, which are in the Red Book. Why is visiting the zoo one of the things to do in Kharkov in 2018? That is because the reconstruction works have been held in it since 2016 and in July of 2018 it is expected to be open for the visitors revitalized and brand new.
  3. Considering the things to do in Kharkov do not miss out on going to the theatre. Being the cultural capital of Ukraine, our city will offer you a big variety of theatres to choose from and you will have a chance to enjoy different performances like ballet, drama, comedy, musicals, etc. Moreover, if you are a fan of classical music, you will surely have a great time listening to the greatest compositions in the renewed Regional Philharmonic Theatre.
  4. Where can you get a charge of optimism, listen to funny jokes and have a good laugh, as well as get thrilled looking at astounding tricks made by both people and animals? You are right, in the circus. Being one of the oldest in Ukraine, Kharkov circus will surely surprise you with the skills of its performers and bring you good mood. That is why visiting this place must be on your list of things to do in Kharkov.
  5. Are you interested in science? Then you must know that Kharkov has a lot of museums, including the Museum of History, the Museum of Nature and many others. However, the main treasure of the city is the Planetarium, which is like a special theatre in which the Sun, the stars, planets, galaxies and comets are the main actors. Visiting Planetarium will be educational, interesting and even romantic and relaxing, as you can choose any of the programs offered for young kids, teenagers or adult people.
  6. Everyone who cares about sport must come to Kharkov in April, as this is when one of the main sport events takes place. Open Mind Kharkiv International Marathon, which is one of the major running sports competitions, will be held on 9 April 2018. The aim of this event is to make running popular in Ukraine, so anyone, starting with amateurs and finishing with professional runners of any age, can take part in it.

This year there will be four races of different length, which will go through the most beautiful streets and places in Kharkov like Pushkinskaya Str., Sumskaya Str., Nauki Avenue, Gorkogo and Shevchenko park. Therefore, if you join the running marathon, you will not only train your body, but also feed your eye with beautiful sites of Kharkov landmarks and places of interests: the Constitution square and the square of Architectures, the Mirror stream, the Museum of History and many monuments to famous Ukrainian personalities.  

  1. Speaking of a running marathon, I cannot help mentioning that there is another sports event, which you must include on your “things to do in Kharkov” list. I am talking about the “Bicycle Day”. This is the day, when all people, who live in Kharkov and can ride a bike gather and organize a bike parade, after which various activities, contests and competitions take place. No matter where the parade starts, the finishing point is the central square of the city, where a couple of years successively cyclists set new records, like making the biggest figure of a moving bike, consisting of thousands of people on bicycles. Bicycle days have been held in Kharkov since 2006 and have already become an inseparable part of the life of people, which makes them an important event to be visited if you have a chance.
  2. If you are looking for some fresh air and thrilling emotions in the center of the city, the best of the things to do in Kharkov is to go to Gorky Park, which has been one of the Karkovites’ favorite places since its foundation in 1893-1895. After the renovation, Gorky Park can offer not only a lot of green areas for relaxation, but a big number of attractions like roller-coasters, the biggest in Ukraine Ferris wheel (55 meters high), the French carousel, the House of Horror,  playgrounds and attractions for children, as well as numerous sports grounds, a racing circuit, a zone for extreme-lovers and a retro-zone, where elderly people can remember their youth years and dance to retro music.
  3. No matter when you are planning to come to Kharkov in 2018, dolphinarium “Nemo” must be one of the places to visit. There you will not only have a chance to see the amazing performance by dolphins and other sea dwellers, but also improve your health taking a session of dolphin therapy. The complex “Nemo”, the part of which is the dolphinarium, also includes a fitness club and a SPA zone, as well as a restaurant, where you can treat yourself to sophisticated dishes.
  4. Finally, planning a visit to our city, you can definitely include going to one of the cinemas or nightclubs. Being the city of students, Kharkov cannot help having entertainment for youth; therefore, you will surely have a good time watching a new high-quality movie in one of 3-D and even 4-D cinema theatres, or dancing till the early morning to the most modern music in of the numerous nightclubs.