I think you will agree with me that winter is the most magical and wonderful time of the year especially for people who live in the tropical countries and see snow usually in TV. In winter we celebrate two of the main and fairy holidays like Christmas and New Year. Winter sport and winter entertainments make winter season so special as well.

Let`s see what Kharkov can offer you in Winter

  1. What can warm you up as good as your second half in a cold winter evening? Of course it`s Mulled wine! It`s a traditional holiday treat in many countries. This drink has been warming people for centuries. Mulled wine is typically made with red spiced and heated wine. You can try many variations of this mostly Christmas drink at the Christmas market what is located at the biggest square in Ukraine during the winter holiday. There you can try Ukrainian cuisine as well.
  2. When winter weather is swirls in nothing could be cozier than drinking a cup of Ukrainian handmade hot chocolate in “Lviv Handmade Chocolate Café”. What could be better than spending time with a good company in a cozy place with the delicious handmade drinks. This café has been well known for its “delicious confectionery”.
  3. Kharkov in winter turns into ski resort. It`s not necessarily to go to Switzerland if you are a fan of skiing, snowboarding and winter entertainment. Right in the north of the city there`s a Ski resort “Extreme Style” is better known as “Kharkov Switzerland”. This modern Ski resort has a well-groomed trails with a length of 400 meters what can be good as for professionals as for beginners. There you can feel an incredibly cheerful atmosphere with the music playing all around.Похожее изображение
  4. You can celebrate New Year at the biggest Square in Ukraine with the thousands citizens and guests of the city. Every year there`s the New Year`s show and a beautiful tall Christmas tree is decorated. Cheerful positive atmosphere is guarantied.
  5. If you need some active entertainment there are several outdoor and indoor ice rinks in the city. Kharkov in winter is frosty so outdoor ice rink has no chance to melt away. Two indoor ice rinks are located in the malls where you can go shopping or have lunch at a nice café as well.    
  6. What is one of the best ways to spend a cold snowy evening in Kharkov in winter? Just imagine you and her at your private VIP cinema hall. Is it amazing time spending, isn`t it? You can choose your favorite movie that will be played for you, order Champagne and enjoy it only two of you.
  7. Ukrainian sauna (banya) is the place where you can get warm and get clean at the same time. It`s a very old Slavic tradition and a part of an ancient culture of health and wellness. The procedure consists sweating, slapping your body with the dried out bunches and jumping into the cold water in the end. Believe me you will get unforgettable experience.Картинки по запросу сауна
  8. What a great idea to try a wine degustation at InVINO restaurant. It is a shop of noble alcohol drinks in Kharkov. It could be a very fun and interesting experience especially with the right company.
  9. There are many beautiful parks in Kharkov. I want to pay your attention on two of them, Gorky Park and Feldman Eco Park. Two of them are decorated so nicely in winter Kharkov. There are many colorful Christmas trees and photo zones. You will have plenty of pictures to send your friends and relatives.    
  10. Theaters and dolphinarium present Christmas shows and performances. In Kharkov the first Opera and Ballet Theatre in Ukraine is located and so many others traditional and modern theaters, you just need to choose what is closer to your soul.

As you see there are many places to visit and so many activities to do in Kharkov in winter. Hope you will love Ukrainian hospitality, nature, weather and people and willing to come back again and again.