There are three types of men: those who don’t like to watch movies about love, those who do and those, who will watch it with his woman to please her. If you belong to the second or third group – your woman is a lucky one! But movies from our list will be interesting to watch for all three kinds of men 😉 Is it intriguing enough? St. Valentine’s Day is on its way and if you wanted to organize a private home movie viewing in your cozy nest on this day, we have this list of uncommon romantic movies to watch! The only thing that is common for all this movies in our list that there is nothing in common between them all. Get champagne, popcorn and whatever want for you and for your dear, make yourself comfortable and be ready to have a little romantic fun or romantic cry.

1. Why Him?

We start our playlist with this easy-watching and a little bit silly but very sweet movie, released not so long ago. Actions evolve around Laird, his girlfriend Stephanie and her family, who comes to meet their daughter’s boyfriend for the first time. Stephanie is a cute little thing and Laird is funny, a little bit clumsy, and a little bit vulgar. We bet you have never seen a guy doing such crazy things to impress his girlfriend’s family, which Liard did. Which ones? You can watch this romantic movie and find out.

Quote: “Laird is a really good guy and his heart is in the right place. He just literally has no filter.”

why him movie

2. Rzhevskiy vs. Napoleon

We are sure, you have never heard of this Russian movie, which is unlike of the majority of other Russian movies. What a woman can resist crazy charm of real heartthrob? It is kind of exceptional comedy based on some historical events and involving historic characters, which hasn’t been without a woman. But not a usual woman… We are advising you this romantic movie, because it is easy, fun, extraordinary and can be interesting to watch for people who want to get a little insight into Slavic perception of love, romance in the context of some “historical” events and will be interesting both for you and your Ukrainian woman.

Quote: “You changed me, made me human, I stopped being an anecdote.”

rzhevsky vs napoleon

3. Café de flore

Enough with comedies, we are moving on to really tear-jerking French movie. The plot of this one, Café de Flore, is a little bit confusing at first but very touching, as there are two plot lines – about relationships between a mother and her child with Down’s syndrome and relationships between divorced spouses. Watch this romantic movie and you will be surprised in what way these two plots are connected.

Quote: “The meeting of twin flames is when the souls find its other half on the path homeward to the source. The cycle of reincarnation ends. It’s the final relationship that leads to unity.”

cafe de flore movie

4. Pleasantville

This movie is somewhere between color and black and white one. Revealing fantastic comedy about two siblings from 90s stuck in a black and white sitcom. Residents of Pleasantville are seemingly perfect, but the two teenagers learn something about social issues such as racism and freedom of speech, but apart from it, about the rules of love in this world. This movie is an unusual one, quite frank, but perfect for a nontrivial romantic date on a couch.

Quote: “What’s at the end of Main Street of Pleasantville? The end of Main Street is just the beginning again.”

pleasantville movie

5. Me and You and everyone we know

It is a movie about life and love in it. A relationship sparks between a man and a woman whose views on sex and love differ drastically. It is the ultimate example of how crucial good dialogue can be to a movie, especially because it relates to the combination of comedy and romance. It’s Harry and Sally’s conversations that make this film resonate so well with its audience. Their differing attitude to love, sex and relationships makes for entertaining banter throughout the film. It allows the movie to be about much more than two people who eventually fall for one another. And that is why we advise it to you!

Quote: “I’ll have what she’s having”

me and you movie

Eventually, it is up to you how to spend St. Valentine’s Day. We all know all these typical romantic movies we can watch on this special day, but sometimes we want more than just a silly cute comedy or drama. When your soul and mind needs something more than that, you can address our list. And after watching our movies with your better half, you can discuss them and share your opinions. It is a good way to learn more about your beloved and eventually get a little closer.