You have been together for some time and already think that you need to bring your relationship to the next level? Are you tired of the routine things like cinema and going to cafes? Then our relationship ideas will be of good help to you. We offer our list of some hobbies that can draw you together and brighten your routine.

  1. The first thing we offer to do is to invite your lady to the skating rink. You will hardly find an activity more romantic than this one. Even if you are not good at skating, it is a fantastic chance to let your lady show her talents and teach you something. Moreover, where else can you hold her hand or hug her by the waist “unintentionally”, or even intentionally not to fall. She will be only happy to help you. A skating rink or a roller skating ring is a very good place to start the way to bringing your relationship to the next level.
  2. Bowling. The second relationship idea we are offering is playing bowling together. Why? Relaxed atmosphere and competitive spirit can get a man and a woman together and raise your mood too. Girls are usually not so good at playing bowling or billiards, but they will be pleased to become obedient or naughty students, which will definitely brighten up your evening.
  3. A cooking workshop. Is your woman fond of cooking? Then presenting her a visit to the cooking workshop is one of the best relationship ideas ever. She will learn to cook a lot of delicious things like brownies, cupcakes and other tasty dishes and will surely want to treat you to her creations. Moreover, if you are brave enough to decide to join her at the workshop you will both have a lot of positive emotions and absolutely get closer to each other.
  4. Go to a dancing class together. You have heard that dance is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire, haven’t you? Then, if you want to get to the next level of your relationships, do not hesitate and ask your woman to the dance class of Argentinean tango, which is the most passionate and sexy dance. You do not need to know all the moves, your emotions are what is important here. You will have a chance to hug your desired lady and lead her improvising and following your feelings. Do you still doubt that after that class she will not want at least to kiss you?
  5. Going to an acting class together may seem the strangest of all the relationship ideas, but, believe me, it is worth it. Sharing an acting class with the woman you like is a good chance to plunge into a fantastic world of stage performance which will combine learning theoretical part of acting and immediate implementation of the theory in numerous role-games. You both will get a chance to learn various techniques of transformation and loss of inhibition, as well as different ways to control your emotions. After visiting such a class, you both will learn the skills that you will need in real life and surely will become closer.

There are many more relationship ideas of how to bring your relationship to the next level starting with visiting various creating workshops such as drawing with sand, doing pottery, making sweets or chocolate together, etc., having a massage together and finishing with something extreme, like diving, going to the house of horror, horse riding, parachute jumping and even boxing. The main idea of using these is to trigger a whole range of emotions in your lady since if you manage to make a woman feel something, this will be the first and most important step to bringing your relationship to the next level.