It`s getting colder and colder outside. Winter time makes us thinking about romance and love more often. Why not to travel to the romantic places and to inspire yourself? Or if you haven`t planned the trip or don`t have time to do it, just make yourself comfortable on a couch and read this article about the most romantic places in Ukraine.

  • Romantic place in Ukraine: The tunnel of Love. A fairytale place was discovered by tourists not so long time ago at the west-north of Ukraine, in the Rivne region in the village of Klevan. The place looks truly magic. This green botanical phenomenon was created by nature just above the railway line that connects the villages of Klevan and Orzhev. The green tunnel is lasted for 4 km and created by thickets of trees and bushes that interwoven with each other and created a dense tunnel of arched form.

Картинки по запросу тоннель любви в

The place has two legends. According to one of them the railway line was planted with trees to cover the neighboring military base from prying eyes. According to other legend once upon the time parents of one young couple forbade them to get married. The girl couldn`t handle it and rushed to the swamp near the railway line. Her boyfriend went to look for her and disappeared. It is a very sad story but there`s a belief that their souls help others to save their love now. Another belief is if a couple make one wish and kiss each other it will come true for sure.

There is one more interesting fact that in 2014 Japanese producer was so inspired by this place that even filmed a romantic drama and named it “Klevan: The tunnel of love”.            

  • Romantic place in Ukraine: The Roshen Fountain. The unique light and music fountain was built in Vinnitca in 2011 and became one of the most famous and romantic places in Ukraine and one of the top ten the most fabulous fountains of our time and the biggest fountain in Europe, close to the world-famous musical fountain in Dubai.

Картинки по запросу фонтан рошен в виннице

The Vinnitca fountain is a truly amazing hydro-engineering structure. Its length is 97 meters, its width is 10 meters, the height of the central jet is 63 meters, and the water flow on the front reaches is 140 meters. Fountain Roshen is the only fountain in the world installed not in an artificial pool but in the riverbed of the Southern Bug. Another detail that makes the Vinnitca fountain unique is “winter technology”, what in winter time allows to put the structure under the ice.

The fountain shows memorable animated videos in 3D and creates a unique spectacular light-musical-water show and couples from all over Ukraine and other countries come to enjoy it.

  • Romantic place in Ukraine: The Love island.

The Love island is located in Ternopol and often ranks among the ten most romantic places in Ukraine. The island was created during the reconstruction works after the Second World War. Couples can get there through a special bridge or boat. The Island of Love is a place where hearts are united, where love, passion and deep feelings live. It is a place for meetings and dates, quite often you can see the couples are having a walk or kissing on a bench. Everything becomes carefree on this island. In the middle of the island there is a gazebo, which is surrounded by willows. Aura of the island is magnificent.

  • Romantic place in Ukraine: The lovers monument in Kharkov.

There are many monuments dedicated to love in the world. One of the most unique monuments is located in Kharkov in the first capital of Ukraine. It is made in the form of arches and represents a figure of a guy and a young lady who have merged in a kiss. The sculptures are surrounded by fountain now. The monument is located in the city center next to Beketova station, in historic place of the city where you can see the 19th century architecture around the monument with the amazing atmosphere. You should definitely set up a meeting with your soul mate there.

Картинки по запросу памятник влюбленным харьков

  • Romantic place in Ukraine: The Italian courtyard in Lvov. The Italian courtyard is a stunning monument of Renaissance architecture, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful and romantic decoration of the central part of Lvov. The Italian (Venetian) courtyard is surprisingly similar to the typical courtyards of Rome and Florence. In the XVII century there were Shakespeare’s plays staged. Nowadays there is a cozy summer café located where the jazz and classical concerts are performed.

Hope that information will inspire you to visit Ukraine and spend the quality time with your second half. Wish you Love.