What are the top 5 most famous romantic places to visit in the cold season in Ukraine? What attractions look gorgeous in summer? What are the best places for a romantic dating or spending your honeymoon in Ukraine? Today we are going to answer these questions. We would like to offer the ultimate guide to dating locations and love places in Ukraine.

Lovers Monument in Kharkiv

There are numerous poems, songs, and art masterpieces devoted to love. Every city has its own symbol of love. Kharkiv is no exception. The monument was built in 2002. The idea belongs to the ex-governor of the city and the students of the University of Architecture. The sculpture shows two figures — a young man and a girl — who are leaning toward each other and joining with a kiss. The monument has the shape of an arch. In 2009 the monument was renovated and surrounded by the fountain.

The Lovers monument is situated in a cozy square in Pushkinska Street. In 2009 not only was the monument renovated, but the square was changed too. The new city’s sightseeing “7 wonders” appeared. There are 7 tiny copies made of white marble of famous places in Kharkiv — Intercession Cathedral, the monument to Taras Shevchenko, Annunciation Cathedral, the House of State Industry, Assumption Cathedral, the Mirror Stream, and the Building with a Spire.

Tunnel of Love

The tiny town Klevan in Rivne region has become popular in Europe due to the amazing length of the railway, surrounded by trees. The place looks fabulous. To tell the truth, nature created the interesting botanical phenomenon above the railway line that connects two villages. The green tunnel lasts for 4 km and is created by thickets of trees and bushes that interwoven with each other, forming a dense arched tunnel.

Interestingly, the Tunnel of Love was created by chance. The truth is that in Soviet days this railway led to the neighboring military base, which was planted with trees. One day tree trimming was stopped, as a result the natural tunnel was created. The perfect shape has been made by train, which has been running to a local factory, breaking off overgrown tree branches on its way.

Music ROSHEN Fountain

The grandiose project sponsored by ROSHEN Corporation has become a new symbol of Vinnytsia. Each year thousands of citizens and guests of the city come to enjoy spectacular water shows.

This exquisite fountain is a truly amazing hydro-engineering structure. Its length is 97 meters; its width is 10 meters; the height of the central jet is 63 meters; the water flow on the front reaches 40 meters. Another magnificent thing that makes the fountain unique is the so-called winter technology putting the structure under the ice.

The multimedia fountain is located on the banks of the Southern Buh. It was built in 2011 and now it is considered one of the largest floating fountains in Europe. It constitutes a part of the complex reconstruction project of the river quay. In the framework of the project the 700-meter waterfront was embanked, a pedestrian zone and a leisure area were constructed, and a street lighting system was installed.

University Botanical Garden in Chernivtsi

It seems to be one of the most picturesque spots to look at. Beautiful flowers and trees, landscape compositions, and exhibitions of plants in the local greenhouse are perfect for a lovely walk. Additionally, when strolling through the park, a couple can marvel at the ancient buildings of one of the oldest universities in Europe.

Italian Courtyard in Lviv

Being located on Market Square, it is one of the most attended sites in the city. Tall white walls and narrow balconies make the venue extremely attractive for tourists. An architectural monument of the Renaissance, it exactly resembles the typical courtyards of Rome or Florence. Thus, nowadays it is a location for numerous jazz concerts, literary evenings, and romantic dates.

Finally, you may choose a wide variety of romantic tours for a couple in Ukraine. What is the best place to go on a date in Ukraine? The most unique dates could be when you and your girlfriend are dating from opposite sides of the world. When you see each other for the first time in months, it calls for a special date – or five days’ worth! Your unusual travel date ideas could range from walking through parks to hiking in nature reserves. Isn’t this type of quality time spent together just a little more exciting than dinner, roses, and chocolate?