This article is not the first one, which we devote to dates and your behavior while dating a Ukrainian girl. Therefore you, my dear readers, already know how to behave and what to do during the date. However, apart from that, you must also know what you should not do during the date not to spoil it. As they say, forewarned is forearmed. So, this time, we have decided to go through top dating mistakes men make.

TOP dating mistakes men make

  1. A date for the record.

If you are going on a date not knowing what you will do, it will be a flop. Such attitude to a date is stupid and will lead you nowhere. To meet a girl just to meet a girl is not your aim. You must act wisely, having thought over everything beforehand. That is why, dating a Ukrainian girl, you must always have a “scenario”, which you will follow.

  1. You are speaking only about yourself or being opaque.

Such mistake is fatal for the first date. Ideally, during the first date with a girl you must talk about yourself for about 30% of the time and leave 70 % to the girl to let her open up. In such a way she will be engaged in the conversation and tell you some information about her life, which will be useful for you.

Still, if you are talking about yourself all the time, she will think you are a narcissist and do not care about her. That is why, you must not tell her your biography starting with the day you were born. It will be boring and uninteresting.

On the other hand, if you are being opaque, mumbling something or stammering, the girl may think that you are a nerd, who sees a woman for the first time in his life and will definitely not want to continue communication with you.

  1. You are complaining about life.

Dating a Ukrainian girl you must understand, that she has come to see you because she likes you, she sees a man in you; she is interested in your ambitions, perspectives and secure future. And here you start whining: “Life sucks. My boss is a jerk. Women are always trying to get something out of me…” Do you think she will pity you and want to continue communication? Surely not. You must always stay positive and take any problems easy, which will definitely be appreciated by a girl.

  1. You are talking about your ex-girlfriends.

It does not matter which date you are having, dating a Ukrainian girl never talk too much about your ex-girlfriends. Even if the girl asked you about them directly, do not tell her how many of them you had or what they were like. It is better to try to switch the topic. However, if you decide to discuss this issue, do not say that your previous girls were real bit…es, while you are a pure angel; and not to make the matters worse, do not even try to draw any comparisons.

  1. You are being a smarty-pants.

Do not turn on a smartass who knows everything. Nobody likes such people. Dating a Ukrainian girl, you must be positive and enjoy every moment of your date. It is better to learn to joke, than try to show how well you know the history of the world and shower the girl with lots of historical facts. Choose the topics for conversation, which are interesting to both of you.

  1. You are being petty.

Dating a Ukrainian girl  you must not be cheapskate, or your dates will not continue. What does being petty mean? For example, when you get a bill, you should not show a big surprise saying that the sum of money you have to pay is too big. Or when you get the bill you blatantly pay it, making the girl understand that you are paying her part too and making her feel really uncomfortable. Or you are making corrections to the girl’s order, letting her understand that what she wants to order is too expensive. Or, even ask her to share the bill.

Believe it or not, but there are lots of men behaving like this. So, do not be one of them. If the girl wants or expects that you will pay the bill, she is not materialistic. That is because it is traditional for us, Ukrainian girls, that a man pays during a date.

Well, these are probably the main mistakes that can spoil your date. So, if you avoid them, you will never get into trouble. Good luck!