Trying to find yourself a wife abroad, you might want to use an international matchmaking agency. However, the first time this idea gets into your head, you can face another one: I have heard that all these agencies are scammers. To tell you the truth, I have heard that some of them can be scammers; still there are plenty of decent matchmakers willing to help you find your true love. If you want to know how not to get hooked, you must definitely read our article.

First of all, you must make sure that the matchmaking agency is real and serious. Having such attributes like its own site, real address and clients’ reviews is a good sign. When you find such an agency, you must ask a matchmaker the following questions:

  1. The first and the most important question to ask a matchmaker is whether the agency is signing a contract with you. If it does, it is the first reason to start cooperation with this agency.
  2. Secondly, you can ask a matchmaker to show the results of the agency’s work. These can be different certificates given to the agency and of course the so-called stories of success. It will be good if they will show you the photos of the couples they have managed to create or videos, which will prove that the marriage agency is effective.
  3. It is also good to ask a matchmaker to show you the team of people who do the work – translators, interpreters, psychologists, personal assistants, etc. if the agency is reliable, you will either be introduced to the staff, or shown a kind of portfolio, in which you will have a chance to look at the people, who will be working with you.
  4. Another question, a very important one, to ask a matchmaker is how the agency chooses the girls. How they check their personal data, their photos, etc. in case you can trust the agency, you will be told about this procedure in details.
  5. Of course, going to a foreign country, you must find out how you will communicate with the girls in case they do not know your language. The answer must be that you will be given any assistance and support including an interpreter, a personal driver and a psychologist.
  6. When you finally decide to become a client of a matchmaking agency, you must ask for the contract and find out which services you will pay for. Usually, a good matchmaking agency gives full support to every client, meaning that the candidates he sees will meet his expectations; the client will also be given any psychological, interpreting support and coaching as for the dates. The agency can offer you several packs of services and you will have to choose the one you like most.  
  7. It is also necessary to ask a matchmaker about the risks and guarantees that the agency can give you. And the answer must be that the agency guarantees to fulfill its duties according to the contract you will sign. In this contract you will also have an article devoted to any risks that both you and the agency can face.

Finally, I want you to understand clearly that there is no an international marriage agency that can state that you will get married immediately after signing the contract. Why? Because a matchmaking agency is an instrument which you will use to find a person you will like, build relationship and maybe get married. As people say, marriages are made in heaven and asking a matchmaking agency for help, you can be sure that you will meet decent women and any assistance to build relationship with them. Speaking of marriage, we leave this to God.