It is not big news that nowadays we are using Internet and mobiles as often as possible. We find friends with the help of our gadgets and even try to build relationship online. Therefore it is not unusual that sexting has become a usual thing for many people. Let us look at pros and cons of sexting and discuss how to sext.

First of all sexting is good because it is physically safe: you have no chance to catch any infection or get pregnant.

Secondly, though strange it may seem, sexting develops your imagination, gives you a chance to get new emotions without having sex.

Sexting is a good idea for couples that have just started relationship and have not had sex yet. If they know how to sext and do it, they have an opportunity to feel liberated and forget about shyness and awkwardness.

Sexting also helps you to get to know each other better, learn about your wishes, favorite sex poses and erogenous zones.

If you have to leave your beloved for some time, you must surely learn how to sext, since in such a way you will be able to continue being close with your better half.  

Sexting can add a sparkle to people who have been together for a long time and tried different things in bed.

Finally, sexting makes your confidence grow and you feel loved, wanted and sexy.

On the other hand, sexting can be not so pleasant because:

If you are sexting with a person you do not know, who you have found on the Internet and have never seen before, you can be surprised to find out that she is a maniac, a blackmailer or your nice lady can turn out to be an ugly bold old pervert.

In case you have decided to try sexting you must understand that you can be pranked by a friend of yours or find your intimate photos somewhere on the Internet, especially if someone hacks your gadget and gets your «private» photos. Or you may send them to your friends by mistake. But the most important thing is that no sexting can substitute for real sex.

Having taken into consideration all the pros and cons of sexting let us look at some rules of how to sext.

  1. Be patient. Do not send intimate photos to a lady after the first date, or you will scare her away. Moreover, too intensive sexting can spoil the first impressions from the first sex, which can be different from what you have managed to imagine. It is better to start sexting actually after you have had the first sex. You could start your message writing something like “I can’t stop thinking about our last night…”
  2. Start with words. Do not hurry to send pictures. Text can help you find out your lady’s attitude to sexting. So, if she gives you sexy answers, it is a good sign and you can move on to pictures and make your sexting more active.
  3. When you are ready to send photos, do not think of sending the picture of your “buddy” out of a sudden. Wait till your partner asks to send her such a photo. What is more, you have to choose a proper moment. Imagine her getting a picture of you naked while she is having a meeting with her boss…

If you want to move to the next level, ask your lady to send you an unusual photo of herself. It does not have to be too intimate. Say “I am not sure what you will say about this, still I want to know what you think of sending me a photo in which you… It is not necessary to take a picture of your face. I promise to look at it for a couple of minutes and then delete it. I could send you a photo of myself if you want to.” If the woman asks for your picture, send her a selfie in a bathroom in which you are wearing only a towel tied around you.

  1. Be creative. Think of an unusual and interesting way to take a picture of yourself. Choose different places, poses and light.
  2. Remember about privacy. If you know how to sext, you must know how to protect yourself from getting into the limelight. Before sending an intimate picture of you, make sure there is nothing that can help other people know it is you: your face, tattoos, moles, posters on the walls or furniture at the background, etc.
  3. The last but not least, make sure you are using a secure messenger for sex-messages. And in case someone gets your phone, they will not be able to see your private information. Remember to turn off the chat history and think of installing applications which will deny access to anyone but you.