It is July already, meaning that the hottest season is in its height. You have already had thousands of dates in cafes, cinemas and other places and now want to have a nice day out with your better half. We are ready to help you and give our list of top summer date ideas to surprise your lady and have an exciting time.

Summer date idea #1. Organize a boat trip. Although it seems to be simple, it is a perfect idea for a date in the summer. In most cities of Ukraine, it is possible to find a river and hire a boat to enjoy the views. If you and your girl like fishing, take a couple of fishing rods with you and make your romantic date become an exciting pastime as well.

Summer date idea #2. Cinema. Yes, you are right and not dreaming. I have just offered you a visit to the cinema, still there is an unusual thing about it. This must be an open-air cinema. Believe me, it is absolutely romantic and unusual. Take some fruit, a bottle of wine, and a couple of blankets and enjoy a great “cuddling” movie evening out, watching some romantic comedy with your girl.

Summer date idea #3. Visiting an open-air art exhibition or art festival. Make a research of what is going on in your city and you are bound to find that there are a lot of open-air events you can go to. In Kharkov, for example, you can visit numerous art events, which are held in the open air every weekend. They will offer you at least unusual setting to have dinner, as well as numerous fun activities from concerts to riding a bike.

Summer date idea #4. See the sunrise together. The most interesting thing here is that it is not necessary to spend a night together to do this, if your relationship with the girl is not on the stage of sleeping in one bed. The girl will be surprised and will not be able to reject your offer to meet you at 4 a.m. and look at the sunrise together holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a hot croissant in another.

You can continue your early morning date by going to a market to buy something for breakfast. Do not hurry the girl, let her look at everything attentively and choose whatever she wants. Meanwhile, you can drop in a flower shop and buy her some flowers, or find another small thing to present.

Summer date idea #5. See the sun set together. Why not? If you can see the sunrise and have breakfast enjoying the early sunlight, why can’t you see the sun set and enjoy a romantic dinner at the river bank, for example? What can be better than having a glass of wine looking at the sun, which is going to disappear from your sight? A bowl of fruit, grilled vegetables or meat and a person you love beside you…really romantic. Still, if you are planning an evening by the riverbank, do not forget to take mosquito repellent with you.

Summer date idea #6. Waterpark. As for me, it is one of the best places to have a good time in the summer. You will definitely get a lot of fun, bright impressions and strong emotions, which will surely make your day the one to remember.

Summer date idea #7. Organize a mini hiking trip. How can you do that in the city? Everything is quite easy. Instead of walking in the central park, invite your girl to a botanical garden. If you prepare beforehand and learn something about the plants, you will see there, at least their names and some interesting information (it is not necessary to know every name and be a walking encyclopedia), the girl will be impressed. After your short excursion, have a picnic in some secluded quiet glade.

Summer date idea #8. Have you had an active time walking somewhere? It is just the right time to eat something. Are you thinking of having a snack in a summer café? It is a wrong guess. Surprise your girl and buy her something to eat on your way. If you are well-prepared, you will definitely know a place where you can buy good hamburgers or hot dogs. Believe me, you will have a lot of fun, more than just sitting in the same place and looking at each other.  

Finally, we want to remind you, that YOU are the person who knows the girl you are going to have a date with and you are the one, who decides which scenario is better for your date. So, if you do everything right, even eating fast food on your way instead of ordering delicious seafood in a café will make your day. Good luck to you 🙂