10 traditional dishes from Ukraine

If you date a lady from Ukraine, you are in good hands. Ladies from Ukraine are great housewives, the majority of women love cooking and can impress you with delicious recipes. Have you ever had a chance to try Ukrainian food? Not yet? Then it`s for sure worth trying! Tradition of food is one of the main traditions that show our culture and uniqueness.

Our cuisine is varied. There are many similar things in European cuisine, however you will come across something you have never tried before. Here is a list of Ukrainian popular traditional foods.

What is the most popular type of Ukrainian food that first comes to your mind?

  1. Number one goes to a Ukrainian national dish which is called borsch. Traditionally it is made with meat, beetroot, cabbage, potato and tomatoes. It tastes better if it stays for some time before you eat it. Borsch is mainly served with home-made buns (pampushki), dipped in garlic sauce, dill and parsley. Oh, and don’t forget to add sour cream. You may order a traditional borsch in the restaurant, but what can be better than a homemade one? Every lady adds her magic in cooking, so don`t be surprised if you try this dish in different places, you might feel the difference. But anyway it is very tasty no matter where you try it.
  2. One of the pecularities of Ukraine culture food is lard. It adds to many Ukrainian dishes, especially to borsch. Lard is usually eaten with brown bread, mustard, horseradish or a clove of garlic or onion. It may sound strange, but it is amazingly delicious.
  3. Pirozhki. Baking has been an indispensable part of our culture since ancient times. Almost every house used to have a wood-burning stove in which they baked bread, buns, crusts and pies. Women from Ukraine used to knead dough in a big wooden barrel with hands, which is not an easy task, I should say. As time passed, wood-burning stoves have been replaced by ovens, still the tradition to bake has remained till now. These pies look like big buns, filled with berries, cottage cheese, potatoes, peas and meat. A typical Ukrainian breakfast contains such pie and milk.
  4. Vareniki. I could describe vareniki as pies, which are boiled. The filling can be different: potatoes, cabbage, meat, liver to cherries, strawberries, cottage cheese, etc. Vareniki with salty filling are served with fried lard and onions (shkvarky) and sweet vareniki are served with sour cream. It is one of the tastiest Ukranian desserts.
  5. Golubtsi. Actually this dish is cooked everywhere, Ukrainian variant is special, it has the filling of pork or veal and boiled rice. The filling is wrapped in cabbage leaves which are boiled before. Golubtsi are served with sour cream.
  6. Aspic (Kholodets). It is made of chicken and pork broth. When the broth is ready, it is poured into bowls and put into freezer. When it is ready it looks like jelly and is served with mustard or horseradish sauce.
  7. Mushroom and potato stew served in pots. Before cooking, we might go to the forest and pick up mushrooms by ourselves, usually someone in the family is an expert in this and knows much about that. So you may combine cooking and mushroom adventure. Its ingredients are potatoes, mushrooms, potherbs and greens make it not only delicious, but also good for health.
  8. Okroshka. It`s a cold soup, usually cooked in spring or summer time, when it is warm outside. It`s a refreshing mixed of vegetables, meat and herbs. Wonderful combination for a hot weather and easy to prepare.
  9. Uzvar. Ukraine is famous not only for its food, but drinks as well. One of the famous beverage is made of dried fruits, some people add cinnamon or spices to make it more exquisite.
  10. Herring salad (Shuba salad). If you like fish, this is a good combination of ingredients for you. It is cooked in layers, the main one is herring, grated boiled potatoes, carrots, eggs and beetroot with mayonnaise, onion. It has bright red color and tastes absolutely fantastic.

Food from Ukraine is very diverse and distinct. Once you try it, you will never forget.

But if you want to try and cook the same food, we can share with you different recipes from Ukraine.

Ukrainian cuisine is abundant with different national sweets and drinks too, so I wish you to visit Ukraine and enjoy every bit of our traditional Ukrainian cuisine.

There are many restaurants and places in each city where you can enjoy the atmosphere and food of Ukraine. The most friendly staff will meet you with a smile in a traditional clothes. There is a variety of fresh just cooked food. For example in Kharkov there is a restaurant Sloboda. It is decorated in the style of Ukrainian old houses, here there is only traditional food. If you decide to have a culinary tour, it is definitely a must visit place for you. Doesn`t matter where you go, either it is a hotel or a café, you can order borsch, vareniki and other.

Nothing can be compared with original Ukrainian breakfast, lunch or dinner. You will not resist a temptation of trying all our national dishes. It looks like we eat a lot, we love cooking as well as eating. The process of making food is even more exciting. We put our hearts into it. If you have a chance, join a cooking process with your girlfriend, you will enjoy it. We turn a routine into fun and exciting activity, always experimenting and finding new versions of the same recipes. You will not be hungry and bored with a lady from Ukraine.

Our foreign guests are totally in love with our cuisine, saying that it is not only tasty, but also very healthy. Because it is made of fresh vegetables, fruits and other ingredients. Not only meat lovers can be satisfied, but also we have a large variety for vegetarians.

All big events like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries are followed by a setting of a big table full of different dishes. So if you are going to visit one of these events in Ukraine, be ready for a nice buffet of Ukrainian treats. We like trying something new as well, we are open for international exchange. That`s why when we travel, we do our best to get acquainted with other cuisines too.