Family is considered to be very important in Ukrainian culture. That is why almost every Ukrainian girl wishes to get married and have a friendly, happy family with traditions that will bring the kids and their parents closer. 

Usually traditional family values are instilled to young children and when they grow up they pass them on to their children letting them continue their existance. So, what can be considered a family value? It is anything that is connected with being together, spending a good time as a family and supporting each other. Is there anything special that you can expect with your Ukrainian wife? Let us look at family traditions that help keep Ukrainian family values alive. 

  1. A family evening out of home.

It is a usual thing to organise such an event once a week or once a month. Your Ukrainian wife will insist on your going to the cinema, riding horses, going to a cafe, etc together. It does not matter what you will be doing, the most important thing is that you will have a chance to recharge after a busy week and give your warmth to each member of the family. 

  1. A family album.

It is a very good tradition that makes new generations remember the earlier generations and leave something to the next ones. Both parents and children stick the most memorable and the funniest photos that will definitely become a good reason to sit in a circle as a family and talk about old days.

  1. Home get-together. 

Having done this throughout her life, your Ukrainian wife will offer you to spend at least one day a week at home and play different games like puzzles, dominoes, organise pillow fights. Both kids and adults enjoy this pastime and the family gets stronger as one unit.  

  1. A countryside house. (Dacha, as we call it in Ukrainian)

Although not every Ukrainian girl is fond of gardening and digging in the ground, there is a tradition to go to the countryside as a family. When you get there, every family member has a separate task like looking after the plants, house, garden, etc., which is a part of a common project for everyone — that is maintaining the good condition of your family`s hideaway from busy city life. 

  1. Healthy lifestyle. 

Believe it or not, but this is also one of traditional family values in Ukraine. That is why be ready that your Ukrainian wife will offer you to organise family jogging or yoga classes as a family, playing football or volleyball and forget about eating lots of chips, mayonnaise and other unhealthy foods. 

  1. Shopping.

Going shopping as a family will surely be what your Ukrainian wife will insist on. Being together in a shop, telling the kids what to buy, teaching them how to be economical is very important for a Ukrainian family. 

  1. Going camping together.

In Ukraine there is a good tradition to go camping whenever there is a chance. Escaping from a noisy city and spending time in the nature, fishing, gathering mushrooms, swimming in the river always brings the best emotions and brings the family together, which is very valuable!

  1. Celebrating the New Year and Christmas together.

These two holidays are very important for any Ukrainian family. This is when everyone gets together, decorates the house and spends the time as a family. Since childhood your Ukrainian wife will be teaching your kids that the New Year and Christmas have to be celebrated at home, unpack the presents together, have festive dinner and have fun together.

  1. Collective presents. 

If your family are going to visit someone`s birthday, wedding or other celebration, it is important to discuss what present to give as a family. Sometimes all members of the family also make a present with their own hands and such a collective gift is presented by everyone. It is a good tradition that unites Ukrainian families. 

  1. Being together as much as possible. 

Finally, as you can see, no matter what you do, your family must be together. Even if all of you have to go to work, school, be out of home, you must find the way to meet your dearest people and spend time with them. That is why, your Ukrainian wife will surely try to find a chance to do that.