True Romance or are Ukrainian ladies romantic?

A romantic woman, unfortunately, is a rare phenomenon nowadays. In modern world, the representatives of the fair sex have become all-sufficient, self-confident, well educated and rather cynical. However, girls in Ukraine have managed to remain really romantic, which is obvious, if you have at least one look at them.

First, let us make a list of what being a romantic means:

  1. It means being gentle and tender.
  2. Secondly, a romantic woman loves reading books and listening to her man reciting poems by famous poets.
  3. She is happy that HE is next to her, even when they are not talking. Even just sitting together and holding hands is enough.
  4. She dreams of a man giving her a bouquet of flowers and surprise with little gifts.
  5. She is sensitive when they watch melodramas, or listen to a very romantic music, imagining herself the main heroine…
  6. When a man speaks, her eyes shine.

So, when she asks you to be more romantic, it doesn`t mean you have to be old-fashioned, it means going out of your way, no matter how busy you are, you will find time to spend with a beloved one, take a long walk along the beach, invite to dance in the living room with dimmed lights to the beats of your favourite song, bake cookies or make a cake without any reason, send sweet texts in the morning or before going to sleep, order her favourite meal or dessert, watch the sunset together. You can easily make your love swoon with happiness, just put some efforts into it.

Are all Ukrainian ladies like this? What I can tell you about Ukrainian ladies is that they all love signs of attention such as a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates, they appreciate your time and efforts.

They like unusual men, who can make unexpected and interesting surprises. For example meet her after work and take to a restaurant, find a bunch of wildflowers in the middle of the winter. Women from Ukraine are seeking true men, who are honest in their feelings, sincere and reliable.

If you are dating a Ukrainian girl, you must have noticed that they are feminine. They look after themselves. They must always look as if they are going to a very important reception or meeting, they mostly wear smart dresses, skirts and high-heeled shoes. They definitely look very elegant.

Ukrainian ladies adore long hair. They like making different hairstyles with long hair, for instance sexy curls or a wonderful braid, which suits this very outfit and adds some romance to the image, shows individuality and just rises the girl’s mood.

A lot of foreign men, whom I have talked to, said that they found Ukrainian girls very sexy, attractive, tender and also mysterious. They also liked their smile, the way they speak and behave.

What are women looking for in men? They are looking for a partner, who can create a meaningful connection. They want him to be reliable and responsible for his words, there is nothing worse than a fake promise. If you promised a weekend getaway, surely she was mentally prepared and is going to get frustrated if you just forgot without any valid reason. You can create romance by going on adventures together.

They believe that even existing relationship needs something new and try to constantly keep the fire burning. Many of them think that it is good to make a present to their men like a private dance. What could be better? Evening, candles burning, and your lady is dancing only for you…

Most of them love making different tours to romantic places with their men and spending all the time walking, enjoying the sound of the ocean, having a picnic at the seashore looking at the sunset, or looking at a starry sky and counting the fallen stars, making a wish holding hands. So by marrying a woman from Ukraine, you will never lose a spark of romance in relationship.

You may think that I am trying to brighten Ukrainian girls up. All I have written above is a part of my personal observations. Being a lady and a part of a matchmaking agency, I have seen a lot of Ukrainian girls, who really believe in love, who cannot wait to find their ONE to spend the whole life with and still believe that their Prince Charming will come to take them to his kingdom of love and romance.

Being interested in single women from other countries becomes a trend nowadays. Finding candidates for a good wife is not an easy task. You should consider many points before choosing the right one. What are the best countries to find a loyal wife? Ukraine is on the top list for sure. Our ladies are loyal, family-oriented with traditional family values.

However, my dear men, you must remember that a woman who is not romantic, used to be one, and only YOU can revive romance in her.