Types of girls you will find on Ukrainian Tinder

Nowadays internet is overloaded with dating sites, which, in turn, have a wide variety of users. In this article we have decided to go through the women-characters you can meet using Tinder in Ukraine.

Queens-to-be. They have been waiting for their prince since childhood. The pictures in their profiles are superb. Their image makes them stand out of thousands of other profiles. However, if you are not a prince, you are unlikely to have even a minute chance to communicate with them. They will either skip your message and leave it unanswered, or will write a long message explaining “how unsuitable you are”. I know personally one of such types of girls. Usually she goes on a real date only after receiving a huge bouquet of flowers sent to her home or office, she would be so kind to come and see you only in case you send a taxi to pick her up. And she will explain to you that you are actually not her type and do not meet her standards, but she can give you a chance if you really want. Are you excited about such perspective?

Bank-ladies. Tinder in Ukraine is popular with females, whose main aim is to find a “client” ready to make a big deposit in their “bank”. Do not be surprised, if in her second message she asks you to top up her mobile phone or pay for something virtual. Such girls have quite explicit pictures and “brave” profiles. Moreover, they do not waste their time reading the information about their possible match.

In-my-early-thirties. They usually have professional pictures in their profiles. The information they give is self-possessed and balanced by style. They usually look for an independent and wealthy man to build a family. Interesting, but they often find what they want.

No-picture girls. If you see such a profile, you are very likely to be communicating with a married woman, who has very clear intentions. Their main aim is to have some fun and relax from their husbands. Therefore, you should not hope to find mutual love with them. There is a rumor that tinder is for horny girls. If you are looking for fun, it might be the option.

Virtual girls. Such type of ladies is quite a common phenomenon of dating in Ukraine via free apps. They are literally “virtual” since they do not want to transfer their relationship to real life. They come to the dating sites to escape from reality, which is boring. They usually place somebody else’s photos in their profiles and go no further than chatting online. They either can create a fake story or tell a real story hiding behind someone`s picture. Often they have just experienced a break-up and just want to type endless messages not leaving their apartment. They would refuse to send a selfie or do a video-call, saying that she is sick or is busy with something else. Imagine wasting a year or more on such communication with a person who doesn`t really exist. You might even fall in love and then break your heart.

Brides. Frankly speaking, many of them use Tinder in Ukraine. They truly hope to find their life partner. They have started using an online dating site because they do not believe that they can find someone in real life as they are busy at work. They are looking at a person, not at his wallet. They will not communicate with everyone, who writes to them, but if they start communicating with a man, they will definitely be sincere and honest.

Working girls. They are often seen on dating sites. Their main aim of using the site is to earn money. In their profiles they write something like: “looking for a sponsor” or “services for profit”. Their photos are tempting. They are always ready to meet and, not surprising, they are on demand. Why? It is very easy to communicate with them. They do the job and get their money. No lies, no cries…

Daddy’s girls. Tinder in Ukraine is of the place where you can meet such women. They are looking for a man, who is 10-30 years older. The list of requirements to the candidate is simple: he must have an expensive car, his own accommodation, a highly-paid job and, VERY IMPORTANT, a big wish to share it all with his “little girl”.

Honest, but discreet girls. They know what they want exactly. They have serious intentions. They are ready to get acquainted, but having heard about scammers, they are quite discreet. The only photo they will put in their profiles is the avatar one. However, if they start communicating with you they are ready to show you more pictures of them. They will never lie to you.

Not lucky ones. They have had some failures in their personal life. They have had a couple of partners, but after the age of 25 they understand that they have had the wrong people beside them and everyone, who surrounds them, cannot be their ONE.

Different people have different goals. Some of them who really look for something serious, usually get frustrated with online apps. My male friend has been searching for his significant one on Tinder. But all he got is endless dates with different types of females. Their dates reminded him an interview, they were asking him about his job, financial situation. Those who he found attractive, were indecisive about what they really want, just to go out for dates or a relationship. So he gave an idea of dating through this app.

Definitely there are successful stories too. My female friend really found her soulmate using this app. They were chatting online for quite a while when they decided to meet. Their first date was really great. They went for a nice walk in the park, it was interesting to talk to him. They couldn`t stop sharing stories until they noticed it was getting dark. They went to have a late dinner and it was the coziest evening in her life. It seemed like they had known each other forever. The New Year holidays were coming, they just had few dates by that time. But he invited her to celebrate the holiday together with his friends. She took as a winter miracle and it was the best time of her life. She forgot when it was the last time she celebrated holidays with so much fun. Since then they haven`t been apart. They introduced each other to their families and have a very close relationship. Miracles happen.

Ukrainian dating culture is very diverse. Online dating in Ukraine offers a wide range of choice. There are marriage agencies, different kinds of websites, apps and matchmaking service. You can choose the one that is for you. It depends on your goals in relationship.

How to find a family-oriented Ukrainian girl? You can either use apps by your own, but there is no prove that exactly the woman you are attracted to is having serious intentions and planning to have a family anytime soon. It might take time and efforts. Also you can trust a professional team who knows everything about dating girls in Ukraine. Professional matchmaking is one of the trustworthy source. Both females and males go through a strict selection, they are checked on their status, either it is single or married. So you can make sure that there is no chance of meeting a married woman here. You also have guarantees that she would like to be in relationship that lead to marriage. Before you meet her, both of you receive information about each other and the matchmaker takes care about your potential compatibility, gives you advice on dating in general and guides you throughout the whole process. So, you are in safe hands.