Ukrainian brides at why we are the best?

If you want to have the most romantic adventure of your life, if you want from the very beginning to fill you relationship with extra romance, sense of adventure and make it truly special – then you should seriously consider international relationship. Not only you will double all the holidays per year, including having two Christmas and twice as many gifts and happy holiday memories, but also you have a chance to choose the best from each culture and bring it into your relationship, into your family life. You get a chance to mix your family traditions and create your own unique international family traditions. And of course at we strongly believe that international couples have more fun and their kids are truly perfect!

But what are the wrong reasons to be looking for Ukrainian wife?

Well, pretty often foreign gentlemen think that if they are from the USA, China or let’s say from India ALL ladies will definitely want to meet them. All they have to do is fly over to Ukraine and pick among numerous girls. If this is your main reason then you will face a huge disappointment. Despite some rumours created mostly by mail-order websites Ukraine is not a country of desperate Ukrainian ladies who will marry anyone foreign just because he is “foreign”, so if you consider dating in Ukraine, because “it is so much easier” and you won’t face any competition then you are going to face huge frustration when the reality finally hits you. They expect you to fight for their attention, be witty, charming, handsome and to be a dating material by their standards which is so different.

So what about Diolli: why are we the best?

We avoid “desperate people”. Ladies, whom we recruit into a base are well-educated, good-looking, usually they have jobs they like or successful careers, so international dating is not “the only solution” to improve their “depressive lives”. They consider it as a great chance to expand their pool of search and to meet a great man who can become a partner. They are proud by nature, they respect their families, respect traditions, respect marriage and men.

The image why Ukrainian brides are so popular is actually misleading. In reality they are not open to date someone who is the age of their parents, someone with lots of extra weight and no job or ambitions. Girls whom we recruit to diolli base are serious about meeting someone special, but they are not desperate to date just anyone. They seek love, affection, care and serious relationship.

We respect their privacy. Usually when you open a mail-order brides website you will see a huge online catalogue. Some of them will be wearing clothes, other won’t. As a professional matchmaker with 10 years of experience I am always surprised how adult men can seriously consider an 18 years old half naked girl a reasonable potential date? Why don’t they doubt her reasons to be at the catalogue? What if her family or friends from school find her there? Perhaps it is her part-time or even full-time job to entertain gentlemen online? Many “sites” with girls in beautiful lingerie are created for entertainment and not as a base to choose a partner.

At Diolli we respect privacy of both male and female clients. This is why so many ladies choose us, because they can be sure that their photos or other personal information won’t end up in the Internet. The approach at is still quite unique for Ukrainian market: we do not post any clients` information online. Of course this helps us to attract high quality clientele.

We have a professional licensed matchmaker, dating coach and a professional psychologist. To join the base ladies have to pass several stages of interviews, which helps us and the ladies to understand their true intentions and desires. We work only with those people who are serious about meeting someone special and who have managed to overcome the majority of personal issues and drama. We believe that the clients have the right to choose among the best and shouldn’t collect “broken people”, who are not sure about who they are and what they need to do with their lives. Online catalogues do not bother to actually check the true intentions of the girls, because the goal of such services is to entertain.

We are for quality. 10 years of professional matchmaking experience has taught us always to choose quality and to feel ok to say no to a potential candidate. If we doubt the true intentions of the potential male client or female member or if these intentions contradict the principles of work and professional ethics we say no and won’t work with this person. We are not interested in collecting a huge base who are actually not interested in dating internationally or are not serious about relationship. It is our job to preselect only those candidates who share similar values and ambitions about family and relationship as the male clients.

Ukrainian bride advice and their motto “where you invest your love you invest your life”!