Ukrainian girlfriend: her first trip to your country

Your Ukrainian girlfriend’s first day in your country is an event of a particular importance. It goes without saying you don’t get a second chance at a first impression, so you should give 100% of your determined effort. You’d better do your best to show your woman your culture. If you demonstrate your fascination with your homeland, she’ll definitely fall in love with it. Are you going to settle in your place in future? It seems like a great idea to plan the trip in advance.

If you invite the Ukrainian lady, you’ll have a unique chance to show your generosity and book the tickets. It makes your soulmate feel comfortable and cared for.

If you invite your lady for two weeks, you should think about luggage. Obviously, you want her to look gorgeous and fashionable. Therefore, she needs to take lovely outfits, accessories and heels with her. Extra baggage allowance can be useful.

It’s essential to meet your significant other at the airport. Your better half will definitely come to your country full of positive emotions, she’ll probably arrive in your city for the first time, so she’ll be thrilled to see you with a bouquet of flowers and a warm smile on your face. Greet your girlfriend with a hug and a friendly kiss. Do not forget to help her with the suitcase.

Try to make your beloved one feel comfortable at home. Clean your apartment, wash the dishes and do your laundry. Fill up your fridge with groceries. It would be lovely to taste some traditional food items. What do you think about cooking or baking together? It would be a fabulous experience that could make you closer to each other.
Why don’t you show her the most beautiful and famous parts of your city, nice parks and the fanciest cafes? Plan the outdoor activities, attend exhibitions, go to the theatre or have a picnic.