First meeting with Ukrainian girlfriend on your territory is a very important occasion. You have to be prepared for this on one hundred percent. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Make the efforts to show your girlfriend the best of you, your city and your country in general. You should do everything possible to make your Ukrainian girlfriend to fall in love with your place, especially if you are going to settle down in your country in the future.

Would be good to plan the trip in advance and pay attention to every detail

Tickets. If you invite Ukrainian girlfriend to visit you in your country, it will be a good chance to show your generosity and buy her the tickets. It`s a fact that not everyone in Ukraine can allow traveling abroad financially.

Don`t forget that you are buying tickets for your beloved lady. Try to choose a flight with a suitable time for her. Preferably, it should be a direct flight but if it`s not, try to choose the tickets with a short connection between planes. When it`s not possible to avoid the long-waiting connection, it will be nice to book a hotel room or a place in the airport lounge for your lady. It will show your care.

If she flies for the first time in her life you will need to be her guide and explain in details how to orient in the airport.

If you invite her for a week or longer, you should buy the tickets with baggage allowance. You do want her to look beautiful and fashion during the trip, don`t you? So she needs to take nice outfits, shoes, accessories and other stuff. I think you agree with me that she will need a ticket with baggage allowance.

If it`s a long flight, make sure she will have some lunch/snacks on board. With such small things, you will show your love to the lady. And she will definitely appreciate it.

Meeting at the airport. It`s very important to meet her at the airport even if there is a direct train to the city. You just have to meet your Ukrainian girlfriend at the airport as well as take her to the airport on the way back. Be in time for her arriving. She will be more than happy to see you with a bouquet and a warm smile on your face. Greet her with a hug and a friendly kiss. Don`t forget to help her with the suitcase.

There is a life hack for you. Your lady will be touched if you present her a travel card for the local transport and put some money on it.

Your home. It`s very important to make your lady feel comfortable at your home. Clean up the apartment, do your laundry and wash dishes before her arriving.

Fill up the fridge with groceries, especially with some traditional food that represent your country.

Would be a good idea to cook something together. It will definitely bring you two closer.

She will be thrilled if you present her a toothbrush. It will show your caring and attention.

Entertainment. It`s her first trip to your country. Try to show your Ukrainian girlfriend the most beautiful and famous parts of your city, visit nice parks and cafes. Plan the outdoor activities, attend the interesting exhibitions, visit museums, theatres or simply have a picnic.

Plan the activities, which will help your lady to understand better your culture, fall in love with your city, your country and YOU!