No matter what nationality your girlfriend is, she really needs to hear some romantic and nice words from you. Of course, the language of love is the same everywhere, but what do you think your Ukrainian girlfriend will do, if she hears you saying some Ukrainian love phrases? She will definitely be impressed. So, if you want to surprise your better half, our article is just for you.

The first question any man around the world, who likes a woman, asks himself is how to choose these romantic words to call their better half. Still the main thing is not what you will say, but how. When you are saying Ukrainian love phrases, as well as any other ones, smile and be sincere. Phony words will make your woman think that you are pretending to like her. Do not be shy if you are a bit nervous, as this is the main proof of your honesty. Do not hurry to say every word that comes to your mind or you will be misunderstood.

To tell you the truth, Ukrainian love phrases do not differ so much from the ones in other languages, but if you say them with warmth and attention, you will surely be appreciated. Wish HER good night or say a tender “good morning”, ask about her health, say a compliment, recite a poem and she will melt and be inspired for the rest of the day. In response to your good treatment, your woman will reciprocate your attention.

However, not to get into trouble, you must remember the following before saying something “cute” to your girl:

  1. Do not compare her with anyone else, or you can expect a raw.
  2. Do not use petty names, which include qualities that your woman dislikes about herself like “my chubby cheeks”, “my plumpy pie” or “my clumsy hands”, etc.
  3. Do not emphasize some drawbacks of her appearance. I believe calling your girl “My giraffe” or “my elephant” will not make her smile.
  4. Do not flatter! Making something up can only offend the girl, as she will think you are joking at her.
  5. Be imaginative. Has your woman heard compliments about her fantastic legs hundreds of times? Then be the first one to appreciate her tender hands or wonderful eyes.
  6. Finally, do not keep on talking about her looks. Tell her something about her soul. Appreciate her wit, the ability to be a good interlocutor, praise for support and understanding, show interest in her skills and career.

Now that you know what not to say, let us talk about what to say to your girl.

When you are in a company of people, there is nothing better than calling your girl her name without any nicknames. However, when there is nobody else beside you, think of nice petty names for each other. Here is a list of Ukrainian love phrases and cute nicknames, which you can use to call your Ukrainian girlfriend:

  1. Moia kokhana – my love. Probably the most popular phrase around the world.
  2. Koshenia, kotyk – kitty. This sounds tender and playful.
  3. Sonechko – sun. This is a very warm and cozy word to call your beloved.
  4. Malia – baby.
  5. Zaychyk, zayunia, zayushka – rabbit.
  6. Lapochka, lapulia, lapusik – lassie.
  7. Mylashka, myla – cutie.
  8. Zaichyk, zayushka, zaichenia – hare.
  9. Pryntsesa, koroleva, korolevyshna, tsarytsia – princess, queen.
  10. Tygrenia, tygriulia – tiger.
  11. Krasunia – beauty.
  12. Ridna, ridnenka – my dear.
  13. Lialechka – my doll.
  14. Yangoliatko – angel.
  15. Pupsyk – kewpie doll.
  16. Rybka – fish.
  17. Bdzhilka – bee.
  18. Lastivka – swallow.
  19. Kusiuchka – biting girl.
  20. Zolotko – gold.
  21. Tsukerka – candy.
  22. Chortenia – little imp.
  23. Myshka – mice.
  24. Iryska – toffee.
  25. Kulbaba – dandelion.
  26. Ty naikrashcha v sviti – you are the best in the world.
  27. Ty v mene yedyna. – You are the only one for me.
  28. Ty dlia mene naikrashcha – You are my number one.
  29. Ya zavzhdy budu poruch. – I will always be there for you.
  30. Ya tebe kokhayu. – I love you.

Finally, no matter which of these Ukrainian love phrases and cute nicknames you will use, remember to be sincere and even if you pronounce something wrong, your girl will never judge you. On the contrary, she will be thankful for your attempt. Good luck!