Several years ago, an American Roosh V started his research activity on women around the world. His idea is to travel to different countries, learn about women, who live there, and find the way to seduce them. Ukraine was also on his list. According to what he says, he spent three months in Kharkov, which made him find more than 30 differences between American and Ukrainian women.

We offer to look at some of them together.

  • The first question an American girl asks is: “What do you do?” The first question a Ukrainian woman asks is: “Why are you here, in Ukraine?”

Our comment: Why not? If you are from another country, you can definitely tell us something interesting.

  • An American asks you to buy her a drink. A Ukrainian is waiting for you to buy her a drink.

Our comment: That is right. Ukrainian women are taught that a man has to be a leader and it is not good to insist on him buying something.

  • American women wear flip-flops because they are comfortable. Ukrainian women wear high-heeled shoes because men like it.

Our comment: That is true. It is in our nature. We, Ukrainian women, like to look good and attractive.

  • An American girl is 20 pounds overweight. A Ukrainian girl is 5 pounds underweight.

Our comment: I would disagree with that. It is true, that most Ukrainian women are not fat. However, they are not skinny too. Most of Ukrainian girls are slim and fit, as it is very important for them to be in good shape.

  • An American is looking for a stable career; a Ukrainian is looking for a stable husband.

Our comment: that is true. Most of Ukrainian girls are rather family-oriented than career-ambitious.

  • An American talks non-stop. A Ukrainian would not open her mouth to say a word.

Our comment: I would not generalize here. Of course, there are shy girls. Still, if a Ukrainian lady is not very talkative during the meeting, it only shows that she is well-educated. Communication is a dialogue, not monologue. Therefore, if your Ukrainian date is not saying anything, she is listening to you, as she wants to learn more about you.

  • American women hate make-up. Ukrainian women put it on artistically.

Our comment: As you remember, Ukrainians adore looking good. Why not use make-up to emphasize our natural beauty?

  • An American has artificial feelings. A Ukrainian has artificial nails, eyelashes and sometimes eyebrows.

Our comment: Yes, sometimes Ukrainian girls do have artificial nails or eyelashes, but you must be a real expert to see that. Moreover, it is better to have unnatural nails, than artificial feelings.

  • An American is interested in celebrities. A Ukrainian is interested in money.

Our comment: Again, I would not generalize this information. It depends on a person.

  • An American will have sex with you after three hours of the first date. A Ukrainian will have sex with you on the third date.

Our comment: That is true in most cases, since we (Ukrainian girls) are taught that it is better to check the feelings before getting into bed with a man.

  • American women can defrost chicken nuggets in the microwave. Ukrainian women know how to cook dishes by their grandma’s recipes.

Our comment: That is true. Ukrainians adore cooking. Therefore, they know a lot more than just granny’s recipes and cook lots of tasty dishes.

  • An American girl is as big as an Australian rugby-player. A Ukrainian girl is frail and feminine.

Our comment: sheer truth. No other comments.

  • Relationship with an American woman gets worse after the first sex. Relationship with a Ukrainian woman gets better after the first sex.

Our comment: true. Sex is an important step for a Ukrainian girl. So, if she decides to make love to a man, she means that they will become closer and she will try to keep the relationship in good condition.

  • An American sees men as misogynists, who have unjustified benefits in society. A Ukrainian sees men as a bridge to a better life.

Our comment: This could be true, since Ukrainian girls believe they will be happy, when they find their ONE and have a family with him.

  • An American believes everything you say to her. A Ukrainian is a lie detector.

Our comment: true. Being sincere and openhearted, Ukrainian women can really feel when you lie to them.

  • An American girl shows that she is strong and independent. A Ukrainian girl knows that she is weak and frail.

Our comment: Not completely true. Ukrainian girls can stand for themselves when it is necessary. However, if they have a strong man beside them, they will definitely be frail, small and weak.

  • American women think that lawyers are boring. Ukrainian women think that lawyers are men, who have realized themselves and are worth being married to.

Our comment: Could be true. A lawyer is a good profession in Ukraine, so why not? Moreover, heart does not care about a man’s job.

  • An American woman’s key to happiness is spontaneous sex and contraceptives. A Ukrainian woman’s key to happiness is marriage.

Our comment: that is true without any comments.

  • An American is a professional in taking photographs of herself from different perspectives. A Ukrainian is a pro in erotic posing for photographs against a bad park.

Our comment: Could be true. Ukrainian women do like posing for photographs, so it is not surprising that they look good no matter where a photo was taken.

  • An ideal man for an American woman is the one who is ready for spontaneous decisions, interesting and has a stand-up comedian’s sense of humor. Ukrainians don’t care about a man’s personality while he has money.

Our comment: I would disagree with that. Of course, money is important, but not that much to make a Ukrainian girl keep up with someone she doesn’t like.