Ukrainian Women vs American Women. What’s the difference?

Several years ago, an American Roosh V, a pickup specialist, started his research activity on females around the world. His idea is to travel to different countries, learn about female nature and find the way to seduce them. According to what he says, he spent three months in Kharkov, he has some idea about Ukrainian women mentality and he compares Ukrainian women vs American women.

We offer to look at some of them together as well as some stereotypes about Ukraine and his understanding about Ukrainian women.

  1. American ladies asks you to buy them a drink. Ukrainian ladies (we) wait for you to buy a drink.
  2. It is right. We do appreciate attention and courtesy. We expect you to give flowers, open the door in a restaurant, pay for dinner.

  3. They wear flip-flops because they are comfortable. We wear high-heeled shoes because men like it.
  4. It is true. We, Ukrainian women, like to look feminine and attractive, that`s why we are so beautiful.

  5. They seek a stable career; we seek a family.
  6. True. We are family-oriented as well as career-ambitious.

  7. They talk non-stop. We would not talk too much.
  8. I would not generalize here. Communication is a dialogue, not monologue. She is listening to you, as she wants to learn more about you as well as she speaks her mind too.

  9. Their females hate make-up, ours put it on artistically.
  10. As you remember, we adore looking good. Why not to use make-up to emphasize natural beauty? It always suits the occasion.

  11. They tend to fake feelings. We have fake nails, eyelashes and sometimes eyebrows.
  12. Yes, girls do have artificial nails or eyelashes, but you must be a real expert to see it. Natural look is becoming trendy though and we refuse putting artificial stuff.

  13. Their girl will have sex with you after three hours of the first date. Ours will have sex with you on the third date.
  14. Ukrainian women are taught that it is better to check the feelings before getting into bed with a man, so there is no certain number how many dates it is going to be before intimacy, it is very personal. Even though the “three-date-rule” exists, but it depends on a particular situation.

  15. They can defrost chicken nuggets in the microwave. We know how to cook dishes by grandma’s recipes.
  16. True. We adore cooking. Therefore, we know a lot more than just granny’s recipes and cook lots of tasty dishes.

  17. Relationship with their lady gets worse after the first sex. Relationship with our lady gets better after the first sex.
  18. Sex is an important step. So, if she decides to make love, they become closer and she tries to keep the relationship solid.

  19. Their key to happiness is spontaneous sex. Ours is marriage.
  20. It is true without any comments.

  21. They are professional in taking photographs from different perspectives. We are pro in erotic posing for photographs.
  22. Could be true. We do like posing, so we look good no matter where a photo was taken.

  23. An ideal man for them is the one who is interesting and has a stand-up comedian’s sense of humor. We don’t care about a man’s personality while he has money.
  24. I would disagree with that. Our ladies are highly educated, usually are successful in careers, so we want to see an equally successful partner.

Let me dissolve some myths:

Some foreigners believe that we dream to leave our country no matter what and the best way is to get married abroad. Absolutely not true. We love our country, have a lot of traditions which we follow, strong family values, it is not easy to leave everything behind and move to another foreign country. One more myth is in order to meet beautiful Ukrainian women, you should go to a night club, where you can buy her a drink and win her heart. Nonsense. This type of pick up works only for indecent ladies, who are eager to spend a night with a stranger, which is absolutely a rare case.