It is known that Ukraine and Russia have always been sister-countries. Therefore, when it comes to discussing differences between them, many people will say that there is no difference. Moreover, a lot of people, who have never been to Ukraine or Russia even think that they are parts of one country. Still, it is quite understandable that being two separate states Ukraine and Russia have some differences.

In this article we want to discuss the differences between Ukrainian women and Russian women

Being Slavs both Russian and Ukrainian women have similar looks. So, looking at the representatives of the two countries, you will hardly define which of them belongs to this or that country, especially if we take the girls, who live in the central or Eastern part of Ukraine, which is close to Russia.

So, looking at Ukrainian women, I can tell you that they present a great variety of beauties. If you look around yourself, you will see a lot of blondes and brunettes. They may have any color of eyes and length of hair. Though, it is traditional for Ukrainian girls to have long hair, which they mostly wear loose. Their features are clean-cut and exquisite. Most of them are in good shape, as it is traditional for the girls in Ukraine to look good. Ukrainians’ beauty is like hot multi-colored summer. And there is a choice to any taste.

Being alike in appearance, Ukrainians and Russians, however, do have different character. Ukrainian girls are quite reserved, easygoing and patient. They can forgive a lot and sometimes are ready to do the most difficult and unbelievable things for their men. Ukrainian women are traditionally more used to being the support for their husbands, rather than playing the leading role.

Ukrainian women want to have a husband, bear children and keep the family fire burning. At the same time, they will find the way not to grow into hair-curlered housewives, who constantly stay at home and have no time for being a lady. Your kids will always look good, your house will be clean and your wife will be the same beautiful girl, you met long time ago. Moreover, if you do need support and a helping hand, your Ukrainian girlfriend will stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

Speaking of Russian girls, I have to tell you that they have a more independent, freedom-loving and strong character. They will stand for their rights and protect themselves. As far as I am concerned, many of them are career-builders. Of course, they also want to have a family, but first, it is better to build a strong material ground for their future.

Frankly speaking, these are the main differences between Russian and Ukrainian women. Still, there is a question, which we often hear from our clients: “Who is better? Ukrainians or Russians?”

What exactly can I answer to this? Being a Ukrainian girl, I am absolutely sure that we, Ukrainians, are great. There is nothing that will stop us if we need to help our beloved. We can cook well, we are strong, but we are weak at the same time. We can take care of ourselves, but we do need a man to take care of us too, to make us feel confident, needed and loved. With his help we can be what we are expected to be.

My dear men, I am sure that you do not have to choose between Ukrainian or Russian girls by this article only. It is just a “lifeless” piece of writing, and if you look around, you will see a lot of women, who are alive. And not only Ukrainian women differ from Russian women, one Ukrainian girl differs from another one and YOU are the only person who can choose YOUR special woman.