Ukrainian women vs Russian women. Who is better?

It is a well-known fact that Ukraine borders Russia and both countries have common Slavic roots. Thus, the first idea that comes to your mind is probably related to their similarities. Furthermore, a vast majority of people, never been in Eastern Europe might suppose that Ukraine is a part of the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, Ukraine is a sovereign state that has plenty of differences compared to its neighbor.
Now I’m going to highlight certain dissimilarities between girls from the various parts of Ukraine and Russian ladies.
Certainly, one of the key distinctions is language. Although Ukrainian girls are fluent in Russian, too, they sound more gentle and softer.
To tell the truth, looking at women from both countries you hardly guess their country of origin, cause they look pretty similar, in particular, when it comes to women from the central part of Ukraine or from the East.
However, I’d like to admit that here you can meet brunettes, gingers and blondes with different lengths of hair and a wide variety of eye colors. Ladies tend to wear long hair, most of them go in for sports and eat healthy, because they want to look attractive. Their facial features are often exquisite and delicate. A typical Ukrainian woman is on the ball compared to an ordinary beautiful girl from Russia in terms of beauty. Girls seem to be like different warm and bright seasons — you can apparently find the most attractive one for you personally.
While a pretty woman living in a Russian town may look just like the Ukrainian city dweller, their personalities differ. Most Ukrainians are likely to be easygoing, endurant and responsible. They are willing to go to great lengths to keep their relationships. In the name of love, and the hopes of a lasting and happy marriage with their beloved ones they are ready to forgive a lot of behavior. To be honest, they are used to being more supportive and understanding. As a rule, they prefer not to play the role of a leader.
They’re usually interested in keeping family values and having children, but becoming a loyal housewife isn’t really their endgame. Though they, like an incredible housewife, have a horror of dirt, they don’t dream of staying at home cooking and cleaning all day long. They would like to develop their skills and abilities as well as they’re eager to remain classy and elegant dames. Besides, if you need their assistance and support, your girlfriend will always be ready to lend a hand.
What I should emphasize is that Russians are stronger, ambitious and more independent, protecting their rights, hobbies and lifestyle. What is more, they are keen on their careers and education. In my humble opinion, they also want to fall in love and marry, but first they prefer to find a job and support themselves.
Who is better? I’m Ukrainian, so for me the answer is simple. Our women are amazing. They are magnificent cooks and mothers, they are well-educated, they speak two or more languages, they’re resilient and affectionate. They are those who truly care about their husband. Of course, they want to be listened to and understood, but they support their family and enable their partner to feel loved, needed and more confident.
In conclusion, I’d like to add that it’s better to communicate with a girl to realize what exactly the person appears before you.