About ten years ago the world did not know much about Ukraine. People used to think that it was a part of Russian Federation. Today the world knows about Ukraine because of war. However, there is much more to learn about this wonderful and interesting country. Therefore, we offer you to read our article and find out some facts about Ukrainian culture, which may have been unknown to you.

Facts about Ukrainian culture and traditions:

Ukrainian culture fact #1.

The first biggest lifting aircraft was designed by the Ukrainian Antonov Design Bureau. This was a famous AN-225 «Mriya». It was designed to carry space ships. Nowadays «Mriya» is used for heavy freight. By the way, the first helicopter and four-engine plane were designed by a Ukrainian constructor Igor Sikorsky.

Ukrainian culture fact #2.

The first world constitution appeared in Ukraine on 5 April, 1710. Its author was a Ukrainian hetman Pylyp Orlyk and it was called «The Constitution of rights and freedoms of Zaporizhian Army»

Ukrainian culture fact #3.

The biggest men monasteries are called Lavras. There are six of them in the world. And half of the monasteries (3) are situated in Ukraine: Kyiv Pechersk Lavra in Kiev, Pochaievsk Lavra in Pochaiev, Sviatogorsk Lavra in Sviatogorsk, Donetsk region.

Ukrainian culture fact #4.

Ukraine is famous for the first educational establishment in Eastern Europe — Kyiv Mohyla Academy. Founded in 1615 it still exists and is considered to be the most prestigious educational institution of Ukraine.

It is also interesting to know that Ukraine takes the fourth place in the world according to the number of people, who have obtained higher education.

Ukrainian culture fact #5.

1200 monuments to Taras Shevchenko – a Kobzar-  a famous poet and writer, who made a big contribution to the history and culture of Ukraine, have been erected all over the world.

Ukrainian culture fact #6.

Interestingly, during the 1899-1902 war in South Africa, a Ukrainian commander Yurii Budiak saved an English journalist from firing squad. Later this journalist helped the brave commander enter Oxford University. The English journalist saved by Yurii Budiak was Winston Churchill.

Ukrainian culture fact #7.

A Ukrainian composer Nikolai Leontovich is the author of the most known and demanded piece of music «Shchedryk». The world knows this tune under the name «Carol of the Bells» or «Ring Christmas Bells».

Ukrainian culture fact #8.

The longest historical trade route «from the Varangians to the Greeks» stretched through the territory of Ukraine. Its length was 3 kilometers. This route, as well as a unique system of water ways, connecting the Ancient Rus  with the rest of lands and the Black and the Baltic seas together, made Kyiv Rus a peculiar bridge between Western Europe and Ancient East.

Ukrainian culture fact #9.

The third most visited Mc Donald’s restaurant in the world is situated in Kiev, next to the central railway station.

What do you think can have the volume of 56,25 liters? It is a champagne glass made in Ukraine and listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

A Ukrainian wind musical instrument trembita is the longest musical instrument in the world.

Ukrainian culture fact #10. Famous people.

The great artist Pablo Picasso was impressed by the paintings of a Ukrainian artist Ekaterina Bilokur (1900-1961). He called her works «brilliant».

Honore de Balzak got married with a Ukrainian woman Evelina Ganskaia in Berdichev in 1850.

It is also known that Frederic Chopin lived in Berdichev for a long time.

Ukrainian culture fact #11. Ukrainian language facts.

The international anthem of Ukraine consists of only 6 lines — 4 in the verse and 2 in the refrain. The rest of the lines are considered to be politically incorrect. ( for example «Let us, brothers, stand the bloody battle from the San to the Don», implying that Ukraine claims the right to the territory of Russia and Poland).

Most Ukrainian words begin with letter «п»; the most widely used letter of the Ukrainian alphabet is letter «o»; letters «ф» and «г» are used less often.

The Ukrainian language took the third place in the language beauty contest in Paris in 1934 for its phonetics, vocabulary and the sentence structure.