Not long ago Ukraine entered the international arena and is now among widely-visited tourist destinations. “Matchmaking tourism” is one of the most popular branches and a lot of foreign men dream of dating a Ukrainian girl. There are plenty of tales about Ukrainian women and potential husbands bear great expectations before their trip to Ukraine. But is everything that is told about Ukrainian girls true? Let us try to make it out.

Unrealistic expectations regarding Ukrainian girls

  1. Dating a Ukrainian girl you will have a photo model by your side.

People all around the world praise Ukrainian girls for their beauty and it is sheer truth that they like to stand out of the crowd. When you come to Ukraine, you will be amazed to see that Ukrainian women wear high heels and have good make-up every day without any special occasion. It is also true that Ukrainian girls have good bodies because they take good care about themselves. Why? It is just because it’s our natural habit to look good. If we like ourselves, other people will also like us. BUT!!! As you can logically assume, not every girl in Ukraine becomes a photo model 😉 What is more, love is a feeling that has its own understanding of beauty, so when you meet your ONE, she will undoubtedly be the best and the most beautiful for you.

  1. Dating a Ukrainian girl a big age gap is unimportant.

Frankly speaking, when two people are in love, it does not matter how old or young they are and it often happens that a man and a woman have an over than 10-year gap between them, but still they get married and live happily. However, there is a belief that Ukrainian girls, especially those who are 18-20, prefer men, who are 40 and over years old. Let us face the truth though. As I have already said, feelings have no age, however, when going to Ukraine in search for a wife, you must be reasonable and set the real goals for yourself. As a life partner you would definitely prefer a woman closer to YOUR interests and hobbies, who will make your life an interesting journey, not a young teenage daughter, who you will have to bring up.

  1. The only thing that Ukrainian girls want is to marry a rich foreign man and leave their country.

This is definitely not what you should believe. As a person working in an international matchmaking agency, I have seen lots of Ukrainian girls, who addressed us. Still, none of them was obsessed with marrying a rich man from abroad. The main reason why they all come to us is to find true love, wherever is possible. Why not in Ukraine? For the answer to this question, you can search our blog to read our numerous articles on this topic.

  1. It is easy to start dating a Ukrainian girl as she is carefree and easily accessible.

I do hope that you do not believe this, because it is definitely not something that you can expect from Ukrainian girls. I agree that sometimes we may seem to be rather carefree, because we love to laugh, have a good time and enjoy our life. However, since childhood we are brought up to be decent ladies, who know how to behave and how to build strong relationship. That is why, even if a girl really wants to find herself a husband, she will not fall for the first man to appear in her life and you will have to win her heart to be with her.

  1. The last but not least… Dating a Ukrainian girl you must expect her to be a “home” lady, who is not interested in developing a career.

Being a person, who has written about our, Ukrainian girls’ love for family and dreams to be a caring mother and a loved wife, I can assure you that Ukrainian  women do want to have a family first. However, it is not their main ambition. Self-development and career are also important as they add taste to every person’s life. That is why, dating a Ukrainian girl, you must expect that she will make a house home, still it does not mean that she will not want to have some career, which, in its turn, does not mean, that she will not be a good housewife and your children’s mother.