Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her 2021

February the 14th is around the corner. Everyone is thinking how to impress a beloved one. You already know the most popular Valentine`s day gifts: flowers, teddy bears and chocolate hearts. It is a standard way to congratulate a girl with this holiday. How to create a wow-effect though? Let`s think outside the box.

Probably you are still recovering from Christmas holidays and you have run out of ideas how to make a unique present. What was your sweet Valentine gift last year? Write down the best present for Valentine`s day ideas and make a list not to repeat yourself each year.

It is a special holiday, one more chance to express love in a perfect way. Whether you have been with a girlfriend for years or you have just met, you should spoil a lady with something that reflects your love.

Flowers might be a cliché, but a classic or extravagant bouquet of roses or orchids is a good supplement to the main gift.

What are the good gifts for Valentine` s day? All girls love jewelry, you can`t go wrong with it. It can be an elegant heart-shaped pendant, which reminds of your love every day. A nice pair of earrings will match a new outfit.

Valentine gifts for women are always a challenge, but there is a plenty of choice.

Here are some unique Valentine`s day ideas for her:

  1. Plan a romantic tour. There is no need to go out of town or a country. The main idea is to create a romantic mood. To make it mysterious and fun, you can tie your girlfriend`s eyes and take her to your car. Put a romantic music and go to the place of destination, it might be a hotel. Enjoy a suite, having all the facilities: a bathtub, a balcony and king-sized bed. There are only two of you, a perfect atmosphere, have a glass of wine or champagne, make relaxing massages for each other, then have a bath together with lots of bubbles. I bet you don`t do it every day at home.
  2. Arrange a romantic dinner with candles and a breathtaking view. It might be a roof top restaurant with panoramic view. Imagine yourself and your sweetheart indulging into a beauty of the night, savoring champagne with strawberries, chatting, laughing and kissing. Definitely an evening to remember.
  3. Play a treasure-love hunt in the morning as a part of your gift. Place a love note on the bed, saying where to go next, put some rose petals on the floor, write some quote on the bathroom mirror and place your heart as a treasure at the end with a gift inside (saying that you are giving your heart and soul). You will definitely hear “Awwww” and heartbeat.
  4. Present a secret box including many cards, each card should represent a reason why you love her, starting from a small one (something about her appearance) to the biggest one ( some features of her character), you can place a beautiful bracelet at the bottom of the box as a gift of appreciation of having such a gorgeous woman.
  5. Maybe both of you like dancing. Enroll in a one-hour class of bachata or any other sexy dance. Tune in together and feel the vibe.
  6. Air hot balloon. Are you adventurous? Flying in a balloon with a beautiful view won`t leave anyone without emotions. Kiss in the air while adrenaline runs through your veins.
  7. You have been dating for quite a long time, why not take the next step in your relationship? It is a great chance to propose to your girlfriend. It is a serious step and you have to think over all the details. It should be unexpected and romantic. My female friend shared with me a cute story of her proposal. She had a little bunny pet at home, it has a name and she adores it. So she never loses it out of sight. One day her boyfriend ran to the kitchen saying that he cannot find a bunny anywhere and said that while he searched in the house, she had to go and look in the garden. She started to panic and ran to the garden, there was her little cutie. She grabbed it with love and noticed a small jewellery box tied around its neck. When she opened a box she found an engagement ring with a note “Will you marry me?”. It was an incredible story. Another possible scenario: book a table in a restaurant, arranged with a manager a scene, so that four waiters could appear with papers “will” “you” “marry” “me” at a certain moment with a cake and candles, place a ring and after she says “Yes”, everyone gives a round of applause. She won`t definitely expect it. How about a proposal on a plane? If you planned a short vacation on holidays, make it special on a plane. Arrange everything and find out details beforehand, when everything is done, excuse yourself in the middle of the flight to go to the washroom and announce a proposal through a loud speaker. A moment she will never forget in her life.

Lack of time to organize something tremendous? Don`t worry, here are easy Valentine gifts for her:

  1. Cute couple love mugs will make her smile every day. You may print your names on it or “Mr” and “Mrs”.
  2. Girls are very sentimental, they appreciate small things, especially your attention, print few of your best photos and put it in the frame or in the photo album. In the digital world we forgot about real photos and memories on the paper.
  3. Girls also love silk, present her a sleeping cute mask or a new silk sexy gown.
  4. A perfume, always perfect for any occasion, especially if you know your girl`s taste.
  5. Is she a book lover? Choose a book with an amazing love story, she will definitely like it.

What are the sexy Valentine`s gifts for wife? If you have been living together for a long time, it is difficult to impress with something new, but still possible.

  1. Sexy lingerie will spark the mood for both of you in a winter night. Maybe you have dreamt to see her in a role of a sexy nurse or a strict police woman? It is time to role-play, but before go for shopping to prepare for a “hot” night.
  2. A Spa day. Head together for a relaxing massage.
  3. Organize a date night, cook dinner to impress your woman.

These are the greatest ideas for Valentine`s day for her that will make your girlfriend or wife happy.