We know how anxious you are, waiting for the most romantic holiday. It is the perfect time to show to your best part how much she means to you. One of the things, which is common for ladies from all over the world, is that love for surprises. Surprise for the 14th of February can be different – expensive, practical, comic, sweet… We are sure that your lady will be happy with any sincere surprise. But for those, who run out of ideas and creativity, but still want to show their appreciation and love, we have collected different thoughtful ways to surprise your lady for the 14th of February. Feel free to mix some of them to come up with the best choice.

  1. Valentine’s day present #1. Personal gift basket. As you know, attention is the best present. Do you date a girl, who enjoys knitting or is fond of reading? Collect everything you can think of relating to hobby or area of interests your special woman has, put it into basket and call it a day. Thus, you will show her, what an attentive man you are and how much you care about her interests.
  2. Valentine’s day present #2. Have you ever met a woman, who doesn’t like to be pampered? We neither. Spa days are not only for ladies any more. So what about giving both of you an opportunity to revel in all those diverse saunas, Jacuzzi and warm open swimming pools. Sounds appealing? Of course!
  3. Valentine’s day present #3. For the woman, who loves sweet sentiments, present envelopes “Open when…” with personal notes expressing feelings, thoughts or memories. For example: “Open when you need to know how much I care about you”. You can also add photos, some memorable stuff or even small presents, personalizing it as much as you can. It’s the kind of present, that will warm her heart long after V-day and will make you the most romantic man she has ever met.
  4. Valentine’s day present #4. A man, who has courage to take a pan into his hands, automatically becomes special, not taking into account chefs or keen-cooks, of course. So we offer to bake a heart-shaped cake or to prepare three-course meal, decorating it in a special V-day way with those angels and hearts. Foretelling the reaction, she would say: “Wow, have you done it all yourself? Really?”
  5. Valentine’s day present #5. Flower delivery to her working place is always the best way to impress your lady. She sits in her office or somewhere where she works, and suddenly a courier comes and brings her big bouquet of flowers in front of everyone. If she doesn’t like flowers, you may substitute it with bouquet made of fruits or sweets or whatever that comes to your mind, nowadays bouquets are made of everything you can or can’t imagine.  
  6. Valentine’s day present #6. There is something special, when a man wants to dress her woman. So take her to that shop of beautiful dresses and shoes, offer her to choose the one that she loves the most and buy, don’t forget about shoes 😉
  7. Valentine’s day present #7. Special theatre/cinema/restaurant visit. Make her feel like a princess, tell her to wear her best dress (or the one from the previous point), jewelry, pick her up with flowers, drive to the place you have chosen, make sure it has special romantic atmosphere if it is a restaurant. To be the most romantic, invite a photographer, who would secretly take photos of you on this day and would print it at the end, and then present it to her after all.
  8. Valentine’s day present #8. Many women like her or your photos. You can choose one with her or both of you, which of course would be better, and have it painted. Simple, creative and special present for the Queen of your heart.


No doubts, every woman has her own preferences, likings and obsessions, so definitely you should focus on it. Sometimes for a certain woman good jewelry or perfume will be the best present, if she is the fan of it. So apart from all surprise ideas for the V-day, the universal advice we have for you is to be attentive to the personality of your woman, make her Queen and you will automatically become her King.