Vegan dating or how to Find the recipe of love

Catching YOUR person is quite a challenging task, especially if sharing your lifestyle and personal views about this world with a partner are extremely important. What should you do if you want to date a vegan? There is nothing impossible and our team will gladly help you.

Typical places of tracking down a better half as cafés, offices, fitness centers, exhibitions or concerts might be inappropriate for vegan singles. Why? You face a high risk of fancying someone who cares nothing about rabbits or chickens. I agree that different views on food are not the reason to split up, as in many cases traditional eaters have changed their habits because of their partners. Love makes wonders happen. However, it is undoubted that finding a common language with someone, who shares your ideas is much easier.

So, if you are aimed at vegan dating there are several ways to come face to face with your dear.

The first thing, the fastest one you could do is addressing the almighty Internet. It is possible to use a dating site for vegans, vegetarians, or raw food eaters. Personally, I have heard of, registering on which you have to add your photo, fill in the profile describing your appearance, education, interests, type of feeding, and the aim of using the site. If you consider someone attractive, you can send them a personal message, a wink, or a virtual kiss.

Another cyber place to get a girlfriend is Veggie Go, which is the first vegans and vegetarians social. Every user has their profile to post photos, feedbacks about cafes or shops, and add fascinating places. Similar to Instagram you can put likes, write comments, and send instant messages to someone you have chosen.

The top site focused on online dating for vegetarians and vegans is Veggly, which is actually Tinder’s twin brother. It is an international communication portal. The filter of search has only two criteria: age and distance. To obtain a partner, one should look through the photos with people and put likes or super likes to the profiles they consider intriguing. If users put mutual likes, this vegan “Tinder” opens the way to communicate directly in a chat.

Apart from using the internet, it is also possible to come across your happiness at different exhibitions, yoga studios, and even volunteering organizations. The latter should be charities protecting animals and nature. Still, it is better not to enroll there if your main goal is to meet your destiny at the place as it will be just a waste of time.

On the whole, using the internet and going around to encounter your ONE is great, still, as far as I’m concerned, the most effective way to find a good match is vegan matchmaking. I do not insist that Diolli is the company, whose ambition is in creating only vegetarian or vegan couples. On the contrary, we are open to everyone. And this is the reason why we can choose the best match based exactly on YOUR personal needs, lifestyle, and demands. We do our best and help every person acquire their beloved to share values and look in the same direction with a smile.

Valeria Matskevich With love