Ways To Improve Your Relationship Under Quarantine

The coronavirus crisis and the accompanying quarantine have become an ordeal for the whole of mankind and especially for people in relationships. During the period of self-isolation, the number of cases of domestic violence has increased throughout the world, families are trying to balance between work, everyday life, and children, and the expected baby boom is unlikely to take place, at least because people have very little energy and time for romance in a relationship.

Everyone is having a hard time, however, despite the threat of coronavirus and alarming news from around the world, there is the answer to the question: how to make relationships last.

Support your partner when she wants to take care of herself

You probably miss the incredible number of things couples do together. Driving to work, shopping, having dinner at your favorite restaurant, exercising at the gym – everything that used to be your life is now gone. That is why it is important to try to reconnect with your past life and find time to do what you lack: call your friends, play sports using video tutorials, draw, cook your favorite food, etc.

You and your partner can not only spend time together but also actively support each other, especially if you face a choice: to do something useful for the family or something pleasant for yourself. It is difficult to get rid of the feeling of guilt and duty when you start doing something “optional” and pleasant only to you, but this does not mean that you should give up personal affairs once and for all.

Let your partner make mistakes and be in a bad mood

In this difficult time, many people experience a whole range of not very pleasant emotions: fear, anxiety, irritation, fatigue, and melancholy. On the days when your partner is in a bad mood and does not behave the way you would like, you may want to pull her back, correct her, or get into conflict. However, confrontation when both of you are tired and on edge can rarely lead to constructive results.

On the contrary, if you see that your partner is tired or angry, you can give her the opportunity to breathe out and relax a little (for example, take over the kids for a while) or provide emotional support (if you can). If your partner’s behavior is a systematic problem, then you can discuss it at a time when both of you are able to dialogue, listen to each other and find out what to do to make your partner happy.

Stop hoarding claims

It is very easy to judge another person when you are on the same territory with him 24/7. Most likely, every day you notice your partner does something wrong, it annoys you and you even start having doubts in relationships.

It’s okay to notice your partner’s imperfections (now probably more often than ever), but that doesn’t mean you should memorize and catalog them all carefully to use during the next conflict. If your partner does mistreat you, do not rush with any accusations; it is better to take a short pause and calm down.

Practice kindness, generosity, and gratitude

How to maintain a relationship? Instead of piling up grudges and nagging at each other, take a few minutes a day to write down three things that you are grateful for. This very simple exercise will help you bring kindness and gratitude back.

Even small, insignificant acts of kindness and generosity can change your daily life for the better. Caring can manifest itself in different ways: in the form of a kiss, a cup of tea, a compliment, a warm blanket on a cold evening. Doing something nice to your lady, you will also experience pleasant emotions, and this can reduce the degree of tension between you.

Share responsibilities about the house

Another answer to the question: how to save a relationship during the quarantine is sharing household chores. For example, your woman prepares dinner, and you do the dishes or take out the trash. Or vice versa. Such agreements will help to avoid a situation when one of you only does your own work, and the other keeps the whole household.

Postpone the showdown

Do you want to express to your soulmate the long-accumulated claims? Do you think it is a sign the relationship is failing? Quarantine is not the best time for figuring this out. Still, it does not mean you should hide grievances and accumulate all the negativity inside. Discuss all problematic points immediately; however, before starting a showdown, do not forget that, first of all, your personal psychological comfort depends on it. If the matter is urgent and you need to discuss it right now, at least do it tactfully.

Share interesting moments with your girlfriend

Still wondering how to make relationships better? Spend quality time with your lady. Read different books, watch all kinds of videos on YouTube, go to various trainings, or just play games. And then share interesting facts with your partner. So you will not lose your individuality, and you will always be interested in each other.

Add romance to your relationship

It is the last, still very important, advice on how to rekindle a relationship. Remember about romance! Organize a romantic dinner with good wine, candles, and relaxing music that turns into a passionate night of love. In fact, when, if not now? After all, during the quarantine, you have time for this, and your head is not so much clogged with work issues.

So give each other a massage, make love, arrange romantic surprises. And then no lockdown can spoil your relationship. On the contrary, your couple will strengthen and shine with new colors.

Now that you know how to make the relationship stronger even in the times of COVID-19 rule, you are bound to obtain happiness and protect your feelings. Good luck!

Valeriia Matskevich With Love.