Welcome to Romantic Kharkiv!

When it comes to a date in winter in Kharkiv, you should have enough creativity and imagination to find a warm and cozy spot. But nothing is impossible for loving passionate hearts. There are plenty of ordinary places to go: restaurants, theatres, cinemas, but we know that really sentimental souls want to celebrate the day of love in a special ambience… So, leave it to us the diversity of special nice places in Kharkiv to choose from.

First things first, and we can’t start the list without a restaurant with a panoramic view, which will add some zest to classics. Chattering with your sweetie in pleasant romantic atmosphere, holding hands and overlooking the cityscape from the height, doesn’t it sound exciting? One of the most popular spots is to spend an evening in Panorama restaurant. It is located in the city centre and has the best view of the town. Besides the view, it offers a great ambiance, live music and incredible culinary experience. There is a range of signature cocktails and dishes from all around the world. There is always an entertaining program and karaoke, you will definitely not get bored with your significant one.

If you admire outlets with a view, I can offer you one more to visit with your significant one. It is Kharkov palace hotel. You are going to find signature restaurants, which definitely can impress a couple on any occasion. You may find a cosy spot in an enormous hotel, which is also located in the heart of the city.

There are many things to do in Kharkiv. Next romantic place will be extremely surprising for every woman. Have you promised to bring the stars to your beloved long time ago and haven’t still figured it out how to do it? Time to keep promises! The planetarium is the best choice, show that you love her literally to the moon and back. Express your feelings under the stars, you might have thought about an unusual proposal to your girlfriend, it must be the place.

There is a very cosy restaurant with a fireplace “Ohotniy dvor” located on the territory of the famous Gorky Park. Isn’t it the best for a winter date? You may combine a walk in the park and dinner in a restaurant, have a ride on the Ferris wheel and walk around the lake, where you will see beautiful white swans, the symbols of true love. You can request a table next to a fireplace, it has a very traditional Ukrainian ambiance.

For sophisticated couples, there is one more amorous place left. You may visit a romantic performance in the theatre or an opera. It is going to touch your soulmate. Truly fascinating!

Are you ready to combine romance and adrenaline? Try hot air ballooning. Calm floating in the air, overlooking the city like on your own palm is a perfect way to tell your beloved that she makes you feel like you’re on cloud nine. You may check reviews of happy customers. If you are both adventurous and like when adrenaline runs through your veins, it is exactly for you.

There are many places to have fun in Kharkiv. One of them is a dolphinarium. There are few women who don’t like animals. Communicating with these cute creatures can’t but bring the best emotions and give the sense of unity with nature, especially when it comes to such unique animals like dolphins. In Kharkiv you can not only watch the show with these intelligent creatures, which is such a joy itself, but also to swim with them. No doubts, it will be an exceptional experience for you and your lady. It is an event you can attend not only on Valentine`s day, romantic shows are being performed in the evenings on a regular day. One of our couples had a chance to visit such kind of show. Dolphinariums are not in all cities of Ukraine. Our female client came from another city and a gentleman came from another country, so it was a unique experience for both of them. This show is really fascinating and has a wow effect.

Have you ever been to Paris? If not, no need to be sad. Kharkov will greet you and your significant one at the Eiffel Tower next to the French boulevard mall. It is a special attraction of our city filled with romance and couples.

Would you like to visit the place where even the air is filled with mystery, love and romantic legends? Then you should head to Sharovsky palace, not far away from the city itself. It is a real fairytale!

As you can see, spending St. Valentine’s day outside the box in Kharkov is not that difficult: space, garden, cozy corner near the fireplace, circus, air, there are plenty of things to see in Kharkiv to fall in love with your lady once again and to brighten your St. Valentine’s Day or any other usual day. It is always worth organizing something special for your beloved one; after all these are some of the best moments that give both of you the feeling that you live and love.

As Ukraine is very rich for special romantic places, Diolli.com advices you to learn more about places to visit in Kharkiv. The city is going to light up to create a wonderful atmosphere.