Welcome to Romantic Kharkiv!

Should you visit Kharkiv in winter, you will be surprised how romantic and creative the former capital of Ukraine could be. However, the weather in Kharkiv and in Ukraine, in particular, may be cold, it could snow, that’s why you should have enough imagination to find cozy and warm spots to hold your dates if you’re interested in dating charming women. Fortunately, nothing is impossible for loving passionate hearts. In the second-largest city in our country, you’re able to go to a wide variety of restaurants and cafes, to the cinema or to the theatre.

Nevertheless, we fully realize that a special atmosphere is essential either for the first date or to emphasize any romantic moment or celebration. Therefore, we are ready to come up with several excellent ideas.

Firstly, one of the fanciest restaurants with a spectacular panoramic view is located in the city center, in the Kharkiv Palace Hotel, to be more exact. Chatting with your sweetheart in a fabulous atmosphere, holding hands, and overlooking the cityscape from the height, doesn’t it sound thrilling?

Secondly, if you are tired of bustling streets and miss delicious food, the Nasha Dacha restaurant in the outskirts is a good choice. Not only are you able to pamper yourself with the taste of inimitable meals, but also feel like you are welcomed guests of the family’s vacation home.

Would you like to watch a romantic movie sitting in beautiful recliner leather chairs and drinking amazing cocktails in a cozy VIP cinema? In Palladium Cinema you can choose the movie and the language and enjoy it.

In Central Amusement Park, there is the biggest Ferris wheel in Ukraine, so you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy an incredible view of the city.

Have you ever promised to bring the star to your significant other? Haven’t you figured out how to do it yet? It’s the perfect moment to keep your promise! The planetarium seems to be a great opportunity to show that you love her literally to the moon and back. Express your feelings under the stars! If you think about an unusual proposal to your girlfriend, you should consider this unique option.

Are you eager to combine adrenaline and romance? Try to go up in a balloon. Calm floating in the air, overlooking the city is a perfect way to tell your girlfriend that she makes you feel like you’re on cloud nine.

It goes without saying — a vast majority of people adore animals, especially dolphins. In Kharkiv, you can watch the show with these unique intelligent creatures and swim with them in our dolphinarium.

Have you ever been to Paris? Kharkiv is ready to greet you at the tiny Eiffel Tower next to the French Boulevard Mall. It is a special attraction filled with tenderness and romance.

Finally, Diolli.com recommends you should learn more about different places to visit in our country. Let’s do it together!