The moment when you see a woman and understand she is the person you like is magic. The feeling you get make you ask her for a date or a meeting to get to know her personality. Regardless the experience you have in dating women and relationships, when a woman is special and you feel it from the very beginning, anyone can fear to do or to say something wrong, which can do harm to communication. Certainly, all women are different, but there are still common things that all women may not like you to do that you would never think of! So a woman doesn’t want you…

  1. To be too silent or too talkative. Many men think they will win the heart of a woman if they constantly talk about themselves. Sometimes it happens non-controllably and subconsciously and you can’t even notice it. So be sure you give her opportunity to speak. If she is silent, ask enough questions, she may want to feel how interested you are in her. Some women are shy or reserved, and it is natural. And vice versa, if you are too shy, try to open your life to the lady, if she agreed to go on a date with you, she is certainly interested in you.
  2. To have an ego the size of a mountain. Of course you are charming and good looking, successful or have a lot of things to brag about, but it is always better to be modest. It doesn’t mean you should be silent about your achievements, but there is a big difference in mentioning them modestly and bragging about.
  3. To make her feel that you have secrets from her. Of course, we all have secrets and private information, which we would reveal to a partner in the process of getting together and on more serious stages of relationships. However if you feel you have been asked too private question, learn how to answer without giving straight answer: “I would love to answer you this question later, if you still are interested, but it am sure it is not the most interesting topic right now.”
  4. To forget to make small surprises or pleasant things (charge her phone, when she forgot, leave her small cute notes, bring her fruits or sweets). Big surprises on her birthday and other holidays are always pleasant, but details are not of the least importance, too.
  5. Let her be independent. She may try to pay her part of the check or to pay for the cab or to do whatever you would like to do for her, but the truth is that many women can just be shy to admit that would like you to be chivalrous and would be happy if you insist on doing it yourself.
  6. To be dependent. Obviously economical and household independent men always seem much more mature than those, who don’t know how to cook at all or who have their mom helping them financially. It doesn’t mean you should be a chef or you must like to cook, but in modern life adult person should know how to take care of himself and any woman would appreciate it even if she doesn’t acknowledge it.  

We are sure that when you meet your perfect match, communication will be as easy as it can be, big misunderstanding should not arise. Though sometimes women can fail to expose their true thoughts or negative impressions not to upset you or for her own reasons. Consequently knowing these subtle details can help you to understand some of women’s deepest thoughts and to avoid unpleasant situations. Now after you are acquainted with the things a woman surely would not like you to do, you are ready for the meeting with your sweetheart.