Love… can we define what exactly it is? I think that each of us has his own idea about what love means to him. If we still try to make a general definition, we can come up with the following: love is emotions, feelings and affection for some person. Of course it is possible to say that we love something, not somebody, but this article is, of course, devoted to love for a person.

If you are still not in love with someone, what are your chances to find love? Do you feel lonely and really want to find your one? What are the reasons of loneliness?

As for me, many people nowadays feel lonely because they haven’t found their beloved. However, the main problem here is that they are just sitting and waiting for their love leaving some time for it to find them. The typical idea they have in mind is like “Someone will love me and then we will see if it is true love.” Or “I will meet someone and give her all my love that I have kept in store”. Don’t you think it is stupid?

Just imagine that you have been saving money to find this one thing and spend all your savings on it, but then you will become poor and have nothing to eat… Not a very bright perspective.

Or, in case you are a sportsman, who is saving his strength for many years just to make one good performance at the world championship without taking part in usual competitions. Do you think you will gain any experience? Will you understand what exactly it is like to compete? It is very stupid, isn’t it?

I assure you that it is the same thing with love. If you push it off, you push off your chosen ones. You do not feel love inside? Then you will not be loved by people surrounding you. And vice versa, if you are full of love, people will be attracted to you.  

Do you still think that your life has not worked out or are waiting till you will find the person to love?  By doing so, you destroy your chances to find love. Do not waste your time and use every moment to multiply love within yourself. In this case women will see that you are bursting with love and they will be attracted to you. They will change their opinion of you, perceive and love you back. Do not procrastinate love and try to behave as if it is somewhere near. For example, we know that when there is someone who we love, we want to wear the best clothes to impress him or her; or if we are not waiting for an important person there can be a mess in our house; women can sleep in old pajamas instead of a sexy night gown if they have no beloved man beside them. But… all of these are things of a habit. So, if we make ourselves used to looking good and loving ourselves  no matter what, it will definitely raise our chances to find love. To help you do it, we have prepared a couple of advice:

  1. First of all, try to find the reason for your loneliness. This can be your character or problems, which often prevent you from finding your ONE.
  2. When you have found out what problems you have, try to solve them. Make the necessary corrections step by step, or even look at your life from a different point, as if it has just begun.
  3. Do not get despaired, be sad, scold your life or fall into depression. Try to be resilient, smile as often and as sincerely as you can. Smile is like a magnet, which attracts and makes people closer.
  4. Breed in yourself only the qualities, for which you will love a woman. Remember the saying “birds of a feather flock together”. I think it is the same with love. Try to find people, who have the qualities you like and make sure you show the same to people, surrounding you.
  5. Finally, if you do want to find love, remember that you, yourself, must love constantly, 24/7, without a stop.