What do Ukrainian female names mean?

There are many beautiful Ukrainian female names. In Ukraine parents pay much attention when choosing female or male names for their children. It is the whole thorough process, usually husband and wife consider many factors, how widespread and original it is and what meaning it has.

People tend to give such authentic beautiful Ukrainian girl names as Varvara, Olesya, Polina, Agata, Avrora, Zlata, Zoryana. There are more Ukrainian girl names, which sound pretty and melodic: Vasilisa, Mira, Lubava, Lubov (means love in Ukrainian), Miroslava, Roksolana, Yarina. Among favourite Ukrainian women`s names are Sofia, Veronika, Daria, Maryna, Elena, Vera, Khrystyna.

Some people give names to their children in honor of a family member, a saint person or just a famous actor they like, believing that it is going to bring them luck. One of my friends said that they chose a name for a baby girl a long time before she was born. But when she delivered a daughter, she realized that it didn`t match at all and gave a completely different one. If you believe in some spiritual things then you might be interested in the meaning of popular names in Ukraine and enjoy this article. Let`s see how it can influence character and destiny of a Ukrainian lady. Studies show that we associate people`s faces with a certain name. So when we look at the person for the first time, we might guess it. Based on our background, friend`s circle we may connect certain features of character with a person, so if you constantly meet egoistical people whose name is Sasha, you might be biased. It happens a lot when we connect it with some events and circumstances. One of my male cousins told me that he always has problems in relationship with Annas, either it is a colleague, friend or a crush, because his first girlfriend was Anna, she broke his heart, so negative experience made him biased, and now he avoids ladies with such a name. But in fact it is just a coincidence. Sometimes we do make assumptions unconsciously, before even having a conversation with a person we can assume a social status and some background, which might be wrong.

Have you ever noticed if a lady introduces herself and says: “I am Elizabeth or Victoria, for example”, you are already influenced by the royal sound. It has its own powerful effect.

Alina. The meaning is “different” or “alien”. Usually this lady has a lot of energy. She is cheerful and funny, friendly and sociable, brave enough and sometimes too persistent. She can easily make contact with any person. She really likes to tell fictional stories, that`s why Alina always is in the center of attention. Attention and recognition of the people around them is extremely valuable. Alina is generous and kind person and likes to help people. She is very picky and chooses a partner for life carefully. It will be important for her how the man dresses up, how he behaves and keeps himself in society. Alina`s husband won`t be bored with such wife. Alina is mysterious and unpredictable in a positive way, tender sweet and passionate. Alina might be jealous sometimes, but it is to certain extent good feature, she adores children. Alina loves cooking but she might need your help with household chores.

What does the name Svetlana mean? The meaning is “light” or “bright”. Svetlana makes an impression as an easy, bright and sociable lady. However, in fact, she is a real commander, who has a very contradictory character. Svetlana is a very hardworking person and usually relies only on herself. She can easily work on the leading positions, has a subtle intellect and is good at managing people. Svetlana is interested in various areas of activity. She is an artistic person and likes people`s attention. It is an honor to be her friend, she has a warm heart and light soul. She always wants to help you or gives useful advice.

Svetlana is a very charming woman. Men see something mysterious in her. First of all, she appreciates in men maturity and passion, appearance goes secondary. She is very diplomatic with a husband and builds a very good relationship with the relatives on the husband`s side. Svetlana becomes a very good caring mother. She is faithful. Family is the most important thing for Svetlana. I almost forgot to mention that she knows a lot about fashion.

What does Katherine mean? The meaning is “clean” and “chaste”. The main difference between Katherine and other women is high level of intellect that you can notice from the first minute of communication with Katherine. She is an open and trustworthy person. Katherine likes to make right actions and to say the truth all the time. She is a very easy going and friends adore her. Katherine`s life is always interesting and full of events. Usually Katherine looks for a life partner for a long time. She gets a lot of attention from men but it takes some time to choose the one. Katherine doesn`t like to express her feelings nevertheless she becomes a lovely wife and a wonderful mother. Treating her as a princess and spoiling from time to time will help you to melt Katherine`s heart. Such lady is very talented and generous. These qualities help to achieve a lot in life.

Natalia. The meaning is “native”. Natalia has a very strong intuition and quite often she can predict some things but at the same time it`s a real challenge to predict her reaction to what is going on. Natalia is a kind, sympathetic, self-confident, strong-willed lady with an active life position. Natalia handles criticism very hard.

She knows her worth. As a rule, Natalia is really picky in choosing future husband but she makes the decision really fast and without any doubts. Natalia pays a lot of attention to raising children. She loves to host guests and does it with pleasure.

Natalia loves to hear admiration and appreciation in her address.

What does the name Ludmila mean? It is not a very widespread and Mila is a short version of it, which is more popular. The root “lud” means people. Ukrainian girls with the name Ludmila have passion for fashion, they like to be stylish. These women are serious, reliable and family-oriented. Creation of family is their priority.

The meaning of the name Anastasia is resurrection. It has Greek origin. She has aristocratic roots and she is good in art. She can be a kindergarten teacher, psychologist, air hostess, journalist or a nurse. She is strict and persistent, these features help her to establish business relationship and gain success. Anastasia has an extraordinary taste, loves flowers and beautiful things. She knows how to adapt to new life circumstances, she loves children and may establish friendly relationship with everyone.

Experts in numerology claim that the name plays an important role in life. They believe it has energy and influences the fate.