It has always been a matter of discussion what is important for love. Is it important to be of the same age, or is it OK if one of love partners is older than the other? Does it really matter if you or your beloved has a child from previous relationship? Is it really important to be of the same weight and height? To tell you the truth, I personally think that your heart is the only one, that can decide whether it is your destiny to be together or not, not your brain or eyes.

However, people are hard to change and we often ask ourselves a question: what if… and definitely want to find the answer to it. Men, who think of dating a Ukrainian woman, are quite often interested in the following:

Will Ukrainian girls want to date a shorter guy?

Of course, we cannot leave this question unattended and having asked our female clients, we can say that there were several women, who thought that it would be not a very good idea, still most of the girls said that they would agree to date a shorter man. Do you want to know why? Then read our article to find out the reasons, why Ukrainian women are ready to have a boyfriend, who is of a shorter height than they are.

  1. If, dating a Ukrainian woman, a man likes the fact that she is taller, he will definitely appreciate her intellect and ambitions. The man, who does not care about the statistics and social pressure “you are too different, how can you be together?” is very likely the one who can admit the thought of his beautiful woman having not only long legs and wonderful body, but a brain too. He will surely be happy if his beloved gets promotion or reaches other heights in life.
  2. Surprising for you, my dear men, but dating a shorter guy, a woman can wear the heels of any height. While her female friends are thinking of what shoes they can wear not to make their boyfriends feel confused, the girls whose boyfriend is already shorter, can relax and wear whichever hills they like.
  3. Believe it or not, but most of the girls said that they did not mind dating a shorter guy because they had a wider choice. What do they mean? It is well-known that it is very difficult to find a person, who will be a true match for you emotionally, intellectually and physically. Therefore, the more criteria of a choice you have, the smaller the circle of candidates is.

That is why, if you are dating a Ukrainian woman, who is taller than you, be sure that she is interested in what kind of person you are, she likes you, not your outer cover.

  1. Dating a shorter guy,  girls can get rid of their own stereotypes. We, girls, sometimes tend to think too much, and going somewhere with a boyfriend, who is shorter, we may imagine that other people will think, that the reason we are together is our wish to make fun of the man or show our supremacy. Still it is not ice age and we do not need to hide from predators behind a tall man’s back. Nowadays it does not matter who is more compact, if two people have a good time together and want to be with each other.
  2. Fun fact. One of the girls said that she had seen statistics according to which, a man dating a Ukrainian woman, who is taller than him, does more work about the house. The research she has seen tells that short men spend 8 hours and 28 minutes on house chores, which makes 28%; men of middle height spend about 7 hours and 38 minutes; and tall men only 7 hours 30 minutes. So, it is quite a good reason to date a man of a shorter height.
  3. The same research shows that about 78% of men, who are shorter than their better half, earn more money than those, who are of the same height. Though love is the main thing that matters in relationship, money plays not the last part in helping you keep the fire burning.
  4. The last but not least important reason, why you can think of dating a Ukrainian woman who is taller than you, is that Ukrainian girls are sure that shorter men divorce less often. According to the statistics, the divorces of couples in which a man is tall or of a medium height is almost equal; while couples, in which a man is shorter have a 32% lower rate of divorces. Maybe that is because they support their women both at work and at home, as well as fight “height” stereotypes together.