It is known that Ukrainian women are among the most beautiful women in the world. What makes them such? And what do such beauties look like? What character do they have?

What are you going to face dating a Ukrainian woman?

If you read this article, you will definitely find this out.


If you go along the street in one of Ukrainian cities, you will be surprised to see a great number of women, who differ from each other, however all of them can be called beautiful. Most of them have long shiny hair and white teeth.

Dating a Ukrainian woman, you must expect that she will wear high heels, her clothes will be fashionable and she will also have good makeup.

The color of hair and eyes.

Though some sources may say that Ukrainian girls have mainly dark hair and brown eyes, nowadays dating a Ukrainian woman, you can expect that your girlfriend will have long blond hair and blue eyes.

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As this is the most widespread combination. However, of course, there are brunettes and red-haired ladies among Ukrainian girls. The percentage could be as follows:

Blonde women – 60%;

Brunette women – 30%;

Red-haired women – 10 %.

As for the color of the eyes, of course there are also girls with blue, hazel and green us among Ukrainians. Very often you can see such unusual combinations like a blonde-haired girl with hazel eyes, or a brunette with blue or green eyes.


As we have already mentioned in many articles, Ukrainian girls like looking good and they do their best for that. So, dating a Ukrainian woman, you will surely have a girlfriend with a good body. What is more, it is not only the slim figure that Ukrainian girls are proud of, it is the whole combination of breast, hips, legs and other parts, that men like the look of.

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What could be written about the age of Ukrainian girls one may think? Still, there is something, which I as a person involved in matchmaking process cannot neglect.  I will speak about the age of Ukrainian women, who are eager to find themselves a foreign husband. According to our statistics, the biggest number of women, who address our agency, are aged between 23 to 28. The second place goes to the girls from 30 to 45. And the smallest number of our women clients is aged over 45.

Of course, appearance is a very important aspect; however, aiming at dating a Ukrainian woman, you might also want to know about the main traits of character typical of our girls.

  1. Ukrainian girls smile a lot, which makes other people feel positive emotions and let the opposite sex want to act like real gentlemen.
  2. Ukrainian girls are not into criticizing. They try to accept their partners the way they are. However, dear men, do not abuse this, as Ukrainian girls also know the word dignity. So, if you offend them seriously, you will hardly have a chance to return your lady.
  3. Ukrainian girls are mysterious creatures. I bet you would like to uncover this mystery yourself!
  4. Ukrainian women do not impose themselves. They respect both their and their partner’s personal space.
  5. Ukrainian women are sexually attractive. There is nothing more I have to add to this.
  6. Ukrainian women do not cry about nothing and complain about all their problems to men. However, they do appreciate when their partners give them support if necessary.
  7. Ukrainian women adore when men act as men and take care of them. They are sincerely happy when a man gives them a hand to help get out of the car, opens the door, etc.
  8. Ukrainian women do not sit still; they really like to develop themselves mentally, physically and psychologically.
  9. Finally, Ukrainian ladies are ready to present themselves to their love partner, give him all their love and enjoy every moment spent together.

So, as you can see, my dear reader, dating a Ukrainian woman, you will have a very nice creature beside you; and you will have to appreciate that. Of course, there are no perfect people and there are exceptions to any rule, still, we truly hope, that with our help, you will definitely meet that ONE PERFECT lady for you.