What do Ukrainian women really want from American men?

It is important to make a statement right at the beginning of this article: it is a total myth that ALL Ukrainian ladies dream to marry a foreigner. In reality the majority of ladies who join Diolli.com matchmaking service at the very beginning prefer dating someone local, someone from Russia or from Europe, because in their mind it would be too far to travel from the USA back home to visit family and friends. The nationality in fact doesn’t play a big role. All females want to be happy, loved and wanted no matter where they are.

There is a friend of mine who wanted to date a guy from Europe, for example Germany. Why Germany? Because this lady was working in a German company at that time and spoke pretty good German. But at the end she ended up falling in love with an American man from New York. Now they are happily married and have a son together. But at the beginning, she just like the majority of women from Ukraine was not eager to meet a gentleman from the USA. Why so? The biggest fear while seriously considering international dating is moving way too far from a homeland, family and friends. This is why many girls who are really serious about starting a family at the beginning of their search are not even considering dating American men.

There is another wonderful story to share. My close friend Marina was a student at the department of foreign languages, so she had a dream of travelling a lot. Marina started her journey from the USA, she was recommended to participate in a Work and Travel program, after falling in love in this country she really wanted to come back and live there. After returning home she continued working as an English teacher, but the spirit of travelling didn`t leave her day and night. Marina went to UAE to work, amazing and beautiful Dubai reminded her of New York, friends and family were teasing her with an idea of marrying a sheikh. But you won`t believe, she met a guy in Dubai from her native city Zhytomyr living just the opposite street she had never seen before. They got married and came back to Ukraine together. Isn`t it wonderful? Life is unpredictable. You never know where you are going to find your half.

So what do Ukrainian women really want from American men and like about them?

We are not speaking about those girls who lent their photos to International “pay per letter” dating site. We also exclude from our discussion 19- years-olds who have joined some local dating agencies just to get a professional photo-shoot. We are speaking about those who are dreaming to meet the right partner. At diolli.com we have many beautiful girls in our database who were following our blogs and attending our events before making up their minds to join a professional matchmaking agency, it is not only safe and not scary, but also a great opportunity to expand their pool of search and to meet someone truly special.

So what do Ukrainian women really want from American males? This can sound too trivial, but they want to fall in love, to meet someone special, whom they unfortunately couldn’t find in their motherland. Some women crave for a romantic adventure of their life which can lead to serious relationship and marriage. The whole idea that your best half has crossed the ocean to meet you is super romantic and really hot. Some ladies strongly believe their soul-mate is waiting somewhere there, because it is not working with the local men because of some reasons. Some ladies find it extremely hot when their boyfriend speaks another language or speaks Russian with an accent.

Dating a Ukrainian lady is an interesting experience. There are certain advantages, which prove why you should date Ukrainian women:

  1. Attractive, stylish and sexy. These are the first features you notice by looking at them the first time.
  2. They are smart and a good companion to talk about various topics.
  3. They are emotional, can express their feelings, talk about problems in relationship and solve them together, good life partners and supporters.
  4. Family-oriented and caring.

To date or not to date a person who lives in another time zone is always up to you! Dating in Ukraine or in any other country has the same values, as well as has its own peculiarities. At Diolli.com we think that international couples have much more fun and their babies are charming!

Should I marry a Ukrainian woman? What you have to ask yourself if you are ready for marriage at all, marry a woman from Ukraine or from any other part of the planet. The most difficult thing is to find a partner for a lifetime. Talking about Ukrainian females I can surely say they are faithful, sincere, responsible, good-looking, a treasure for you. But you should treat her the same too:

  • Show that you are a person of actions, not just words.
  • Take responsibility and be a real gentleman.
  • Regularly give compliments and surprises in appreciation of love.
  • Be trustworthy, honest and loyal.
  • Keep being romantic through out the years.
  • Prioritize your partner and devote your time.