Ukrainian women didn`t know a lot of information about Asian men until recently. Nowadays they are getting more curious about Asian culture, Asian way of thinking and of course about Asian men. What common characteristics do they have, what do they value in life, what kind of women they are attracted to?

I`ve decided to ask some Ukrainian women who had the experience with Asia, about their impression of Asian men.

There are some opinions from Ukrainian women:

Marina 28 y.o: I assume that Asian men are very generous. Once I was on a date with a Japanese man and I was very surprised how kind and bounteous he was. He chose one of the fanciest restaurants in my city (without my help by the way). He appeared with a lovely bouquet and we ordered three-course dinner. He impressed me with his sommelier skills and chose a bottle of wine that would suit better to our meal. We had a great time together. That evening I`ll remember all my life.     

Daria 25 y.o: I want to refute the myth that Asian men are not tall. I was lucky to spend some period of my life living, working and traveling in China. I visited such the big cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. I can convince you that Asian men that live in big cities are pretty tall and I saw it with my own eyes. You can meet not very tall men in the villages. I can`t explain what it is connected with but it`s the fact.

Elena 35 y.o: I have a very close Asian friend from Singapore and can`t stop to admire him as a dad and as a husband. I love to visit him and his wonderful family, to see how he cares about his wife and his little daughter. It`s impossible not to notice all the love and tenderness what he gives to his family. In my opinion, Asian men are very family oriented people and value family traditions.

Katerina 33 y.o: The main office of the company I work at is based in Japan, that`s why I used to have a deal with Asian men. The first thing that I notice about them is Asian men are very hardworking people. They are very well educated and they are always in time with deadlines. It`s pleasure to work with such professionals.  

Alina 40 y.o: I`m in a marriage with Asian man for five years already and totally happy with my choice. I couldn`t wish a better husband for myself. He always supports me and all the ideas I have. He helps me to develop myself. He is loving and caring. With him, I feel myself as a princess. I always can rely on my Asian man.

Irina 19 y.o: I used to study in a language school in London where I had plenty of Asian classmates. I could see how caring their parents were. They told me that their fathers try to give them the best education. Asian fathers start to save money for that from the moment the children are born. Asian men love their children madly.

Ukrainian women know that Asian men appreciate traditions and customs what is good because Ukrainians have many traditions as well.

Ukrainian women and Asian men have the same family values. They are family oriented and very appreciate marriage.

Do you think that Asian men and Ukrainian women can be a very good match, don`t you?