What do Ukrainian women think about Ukrainian men?

Ukrainian men are born in the country with one of the most beautiful women in the whole world. Everyone talks about women, but there is much less information about their male counterparts. What are Ukrainian men like?

In online dating world they do not have a good reputation at all. The majority of the Western world imagine men from Ukraine as “drunk beasts” lying on a couch all day and their woman works for them. And it is believed that all ladies dream to be rescued by someone from abroad, which is an absolute lie.

Ukrainian women do work hard, but men do as well and they are the breadwinners in relationship. They are ambitious and usually occupy a high position in a company, if not they find other ways of a good income for their family. Many males work in international companies, speak a foreign language, which means they have an opportunity to work in worldwide organizations from their home country and earn quite enough for good life.

They are well educated and the majority has a university degree. The digital world is occupied by smart gentlemen, who can solve any IT problem. Not rarely you may come across a male CEO or a manager of a successful company.

They are eager to participate in business, do investments and learn about the global economy, worldwide politics too, but they tend to be patriotic about their country.

They look attractive, do care about their appearance, regularly visit barber shops, go shopping and buy fashionable clothes to match the style of a gorgeous woman. Not rarely you will see a glossy couple in a restaurant, their style would match.

Also it is a becoming a trend to be healthy, more and more males refuse drinking alcohol and keep to a healthy diet, you may notice plenty of males attend gym and sport clubs.

They are courteous, they open the door of the car and let her in first, even though he drives the car, he would stand up and do it for her anyway. He would meet her after work, help to do household chores, because he understands it is not only her responsibility. He would give a hand when getting off the bus, surprise with flowers on a casual day without any reason.

Are Ukrainian men good in bed? They are not different from men all around the world, definitely each nation has some peculiarities. In general I can say that Slavic men are passionate, they know how to please a lady. They understand the importance of a foreplay, dedicating enough time to “heat” her. They listen to what she says and have the ability to read a female body in order to find erogenous zones. They think that sex should bring pleasure and satisfaction for both, it is not a game of one player. It is important for a lady to reach climax during intimacy and they know it, they do their best to last longer exercising a lot in the gym. They care about her feelings, because intimate act is not just physical activity, it is interconnection of two souls. Sex quality is influenced by many factors, not only by intercourse itself, but also emotional part, which depends on care, love, attention and the overall intimacy between you two. They like experimenting, of course taking into account her will.

Ukrainian men also are open for communication, if something goes wrong they will start a conversation in time, not waiting for the moment when it is too late. And they are pretty good at “ceasing the fire”, they will find necessary words to calm down the lady and find solution to any problem. So usually a lady would call him “my hero” who she can trust and expect help at any difficult situation.

We have conducted a survey among girls who have been dating guys from Ukraine or are married to them right now to have an honest picture of real situation, let me share their opinion with you.

  1. Olga. “Let me share my love story. When I was 20 I met my significant one, he was very charming and romantic boy, who was a bit older than me. We were both studying at the same university, I was an A-student, was always taking part in different competitions, so my pictures were displayed all around the university. He told me later it was difficult not to pay attention to such a gorgeous lady, but he was shy to make the first step. He took a digital picture of that photo of me on the wall and was looking at it for a month. He decided to make the first step on the 14th of February, he came to me and gave me a bunch of flowers and a teddy bear with a card “to the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen in my life”. I fell in love with his smile and sense of humor. We went for a walk on that day and had an amazing time talking about everything. It felt like we knew each other forever. Since then we haven`t been apart, we both graduated from university and he proposed to me on graduation day. It was the best day of my life. We have been married for 4 years already and I cannot imagine a more caring and loving husband. “
  2. Elena. “My romantic story started in the airport two years ago. I was flying to Europe to see my aunt and he was flying to Germany to participate in a three-month language courses for his future work in Ukraine in German company. We both were waiting for our flights and he decided to strike up a conversation. He was good at it as if we knew each other forever. He had a good sense of humor, we were joking a lot and that 2 hours went very fast. We forgot to exchange numbers, but he did his best to find me somehow in social media. Because I was telling him stories that recently I had been to a beautiful place in our city, so he found me by that photo in Instagram. It impressed me a lot, anyway he was in another country, so I just said hi and complimented him on his ability being inventive. We started chatting every day via Internet. Unconsciously it became a pleasant habit to send messages to each other every day during three months. He sent me my favourite chocolate as well as a gift by post. I was so touched, because he remembered so many details about me, my preferences. We became friends and established trusting friendly relationship. On his arrival to Ukraine back home, he invited me for a date. We have been dating since then, I like his kindness, honesty and ability to listen to me. It is very important. Sometimes he is too stubborn, but we try to find compromises.
  3. Kate. “My experience was not very positive with a Ukrainian husband. But probably the reason was that we were very different. We fell in love when we were very young, it seemed we had so much compatibility. We used to have a good time and support each other, but when we got married I didn`t see much responsibility from his side. He was into his work almost all the time and we lost intimate connection between us. He was a bit reserved and was not that open for communication. I was not really satisfied with his career growth too, it all impacted on overall health of our relationship. Even after having a conversation, I didn`t see much enthusiasm from his side to fix anything. So we broke up. I have always been open for something new, I like travelling and don`t mind to meet my love somewhere outside of my country.”

To sum up an overall opinion about Ukrainian men is positive, but it totally depends to a particular situation. Sometimes exactly these two people are just not compatible no matter what kind of nationality they are.