Ukrainian men don`t really appreciate what they have. They are born in the country with one of the most beautiful women in the whole world. Ukrainian men speak the same language as Ukrainian women but still can`t find understanding sometimes.

One of the social surveys identified three points of what Ukrainian women would like to change in Ukrainian men

#1 Ukrainian women wish Ukrainian men earned more money. Unfortunately, most of the problems and conflicts in couples happen because of money. It`s not a secret that Ukraine has a not very stable economic situation. That`s why many Ukrainian men work abroad to support their families and provide a stable financial situation and a nice life for their beloved Ukrainian women. There are many rich men live in Ukraine as well. It`s a wrong opinion that Ukrainian women dream to marry foreigner to provide a better life. Some percent of people live a very luxury live in Ukraine so it`s not necessary to move abroad for that.

#2 Ukrainian women wish Ukrainian men paid more attention to them and spent more time together. Everyone knows that it`s very important for healthy relationship to spend a quality time together. Unfortunately it`s more difficult for Ukrainian men to find time for entertainment and fun time with their women because they have to work very hard. Ukrainian women love attention, compliments and flirtation. It`s in their blood. Ukrainian women expect romance, actions and surprises from the men.

#3 Ukrainian women wish Ukrainian men took more care to their appearance. Most of Ukrainian men are not into fashion and don`t really care what color is popular this season and what type of trousers are hit of this spring. They don`t usually style their hair with gel how it`s common for European men. Young population is more open minded and well traveled and as a result take care about appearance more and follow fashion tendencies. I can predict that soon it won`t be a problem at all.

One of the main positive qualities of Ukrainian men is they are mostly real gentlemen. They are learnt from the childhood what is the right way to treat Ukrainian women. They will always open the doors for a lady, help her with heavy bags, help her to put on and put off her jacket. Ukrainian man will never let his woman to pay a bill at the restaurant or whenever else. If woman wants to pay a bill when she is with Ukrainian men, this fact will humiliate his ego.

Ukrainian men are very generous in general and love to impress their women. They like to present flowers to their ladies and often bring a lovely bouquet on the first date to win her attention.

Ukrainian men put so many efforts to melt and win the ladies hearts but unfortunately after they succeed some of them relax and think that women will belong to them forever without paying any attention to them and warming up the feelings time to time.

This is one of the reasons Ukrainian women try their luck with foreigners. Ukrainian women don`t have a goal to marry someone from abroad, they just do not exclude the option to find their love whenever he is thereby increasing the chances to meet her best half sooner.
Everything depends on a man. For the beloved woman he is ready for changes, actions and even for getting a star from the sky.