Men from all over the world heard about Ukrainian women. I`ll not open you America by telling that they are quite famous by their beauty and family values. By the way, as we mentioned America, it would be interesting to know what Ukrainian women think about American men. Do they have something in common? Are Ukrainian women interested in building relationship with Americans? I decided to do a research and asked some of Ukrainian women if they know the interesting facts about American men. Let`s see the result:

    1. Americans smile all the time. They seem like very cheerful people. They are friendly, polite and easy-going guys. Here in Ukraine you can`t often see people on the streets smiling. Usually Ukrainians don`t do compliments to the strangers on the street like this is common in America. American men buy Ukrainian women over with their smiles.      
    2. Many Americans are overweight. America is a motherland of a fast food. There is diversity of cuisines from all over the world. I can imagine how difficult it is to hold yourself back from all the delicious food. There are many of choices as well. For example, in a supermarket you can find two rows only of cereals.  Big American portions lead to overweight as well.   
    3. Americans are hardworking. It`s a well-known fact that Americans spend so much time at work. It`s important for American man first to build a career to be able support his family in the future. It`s a very good quality to have for men.  
    4. American men don`t bring flowers on the first date. It`s very unwonted for American men. One of my friends from America said that if he brought flowers on the first date, woman would find his action very persistent and run away. What is totally different with Ukrainian women. They really appreciate when men bring flowers on a date. It will help you to win her attention.  
    5. American men are very careful in doing compliments. They are afraid to be sue by women. If the compliment has dual meaning and lady finds it offensive it will be a real problem for a man. They should watch out their words and think twice before saying it.  
    6. Americans are patriots of the country. This can be seen with the naked eye. Americans always speak about their country with warmth and love. They always support their national teams. It`s always interesting to watch how Americans celebrate July the 4th.
    7. Americans don`t used to play role of gentleman. It`s not common for American man to open doors for a lady or help her with a heavy bag. Ukrainian women love that kind of attention from man`s side. You will impress your Ukrainian lady if you help her to take off the jacket at a restaurant and push back the chair for her.   
    8. American men are family oriented. They are very good husbands and fathers. They value family traditions. This is exactly the qualities what Ukrainian women are looking for in men.
    9. Americans don`t know so much about English gramma rules. I was surprised to hear from one American man that there are only three tenses in English grammar. Why did I spend so much time to learn more than 12 of them?   
    10. Always Coca-cola. There is a stereotype that all Americans drink Coca-cola all days long. It`s a joke, of course.  

America is a huge country with the diversity of nations, different mindsets and customs. It`s so difficult to identify all citizens of America with common characteristics. The main thing that Ukrainian women should know that Americans are wonderful husbands, great fathers and value their families a lot. Ukrainian women and American men can be a good matches.