What do Ukrainian women think of Americans?

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But let’s return to the question: do Ukrainian women like American men?

We can confess – most local women do not think about United States males, they simply don’t have much or any interaction with them except for listening to western music or watching a Hollywood movie. Most local girls date locally. Of course, if a girl studies, for example, in a medical school, she can meet there for sure many students from Arabic countries, China or India. The USA is located far from Ukraine, so it is not a popular travel destination. Also, it requires a visa, while traveling around Europe is visa-free, cheaper, and less time-consuming. Thus, Ukrainians choose to spend their vacations in Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Montenegro, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Georgia, France, Prague, or Dubai. Of course, during vacations, it is not hard to meet new people and fall in love. Many people prefer traveling inside the country and not going abroad at all.

Therefore, very often when we suggest our female clients meet our clients from the USA they fall for popular stereotypes. Let’s discuss some of them:
· All Americans are not smart. This stereotype takes roots in post-soviet society based on western pop culture. There are so many videos online that show American celebrities and politicians struggling with naming the capital of Denmark or the longest river in Africa. Also, citizens of eastern and western Europe usually speak at least one foreign language while in the US people usually speak just English.
· Women in Ukraine often believe that most people in the USA do not eat healthy food and therefore are overweight. With the increasing popularity of body positivity, this stereotype grows stronger.
· There is this cliché that Americans dress poorly and do not care about their looks. While in Ukraine we dress to impress and invest lots of time, effort, and money into our looks, overseas singles and married couples can go out wearing their pajamas and an old dirty T-shirt.

Of course, such stereotypes are not flattering. It is not a surprise that in Ukraine they make local men more desirable in the eyes of women who are seeking love.

Now let’s discuss what do exceptional Ukrainian women like about American men:
· They find it romantic and special to date a person who represents another culture and country and speaks another language. Many ladies find this extremely hot.
· Traditional family values – yes, our cultures have lots in common.
· Admiration, fascination, and appreciation in their eyes of foreign males when they try borsh cooked by a beautiful Slavic lady.
· Desire to have children and have a family. This is very similar to local views on relationships, marriage, and family.
· A romantic idea that she will have the most romantic adventure of her life – relocating to the other part of the world for love.

We hope it was helpful and now you have a better understanding of international dating!