What Does True Love Feel Like

Thinking of true love, what is the first thing which comes to your mind? I am sure no two images are the same as it is different for everyone. Somebody shows it to other people, while others hide this feeling deep inside. Many people confuse real loving with desire, passion, and infatuation, which are absolutely different. So, what does true love feel like?

Passion and infatuation are caused by hormones and imagination. We create an image of a person having given them some qualities they do not possess and fall for it. Then, at some moment, we get disappointed understanding we were wrong. It is possible to fancy a girl’s appearance, still, such a feeling passes really fast.
Experiencing the slightest affection for a girl based on physical or spiritual attraction, men believe these are the signs of true love without realizing what it really is like.

That is why a lot of hearts get broken, since wonderful emotions, which seemed to have inspired you, fade soon, and being together becomes just a burden. Such things happen because both men and women confuse usual attraction with the feeling of true love and make promises, which are difficult to keep you’re your passion fire dies out. To escape such mistakes and understand yourself better, look at some signs showing you are truly loved.

  • True love is real when you stop comparing your partner with others. Meaning you see no other variants which could suit you. A man who is crazy about a lady would never compare her to his ex-girlfriend.
  • Being able to forgive your beloved is a sign you really cherish them. And here I am not talking about minor misdemeanors, but quite serious mistakes. A loving person will not blame all the troubles on their life-partner, on the contrary, they will try to make everything out.
  • Endless trust is exactly what true love means. It is one of the most important proofs you are serious. Numerous couples split just because partners do not trust one another, organize constant checkings, have rows because they are jealous. However, if you care for a person, it is vital to always believe your dear.
  • In Russian, there is a saying “We adore despite rather than because of something”. It makes a really perfect sense as loving someone, we take them as they are, and tolerate all their faults. If a person adores somebody, they are ready to deal with their partner’s soul’s darkest corners.
  • A genuine feeling takes little while it gives a lot. Therefore, if two people fancy with each other, there is a real interchange of energy between them, in the result of which nobody stays left out.
  • Trying to make your partner happy also proves sincere fondness, which can connect a man and a woman so hard that they become a single entity having identical emotions. When a man is bad, his better half suffers too, and vice versa.
  • Respect is another factor revealing what is inside your heart. When you respect the girl’s personal space, you give her complete freedom of communication without any control. And, in turn, a woman, who respects you, will never disappoint you.
  • Love is an amazing medicine able to heal the soul wounds, even the deepest ones. Being a lover, a friend, a husband and a dad for your lady is what I understand as pure affection.
  • Loyalty and devotion are the companions of endearment between two people. Cherishing means being beside in the time of need and helping cope with the problems.
  • Loving people see the world from the perspective of us, not me. They share everything: victory and loss, pain and elation. While those, who experience infatuation look at the world from the perspective of “I want you”.

Finally, genuine emotions do not appear immediately. It takes years of living together so that it could grow. What is more, it does not mean your life will be quiet and cloudless. On the contrary, you may have to go through numerous endurance tests. So only as time passes, you understand this very person is the one, whose problems are more important than yours, you trust them infinitely and they are always in your heart even when you are far from your dear. Isn’t that what real affection is all about?

Valeria Matskevich With love