Let’s imagine the situation. You meet a wonderful woman. You fancy each other. You start relationship. You do not care that she has a child already. Moreover you could also have a child. But… building a new family means that you want common kids, the kids from this very woman you love. Still she does not really want to have any more kids. Is it because she does not love you? Or there can be other reasons why she does not want kids anymore? What should be done if one partner wants a child while other does not? Let us try to sort the things out.

What if your partner doesn’t want any more kids?

The first reason why a woman does not want to have any more kids is that she does not trust her partner. That is because often the first child is born when a man is too young to be a real father and is not ready to help the woman with bringing the kid up. What is more, a lot of men (unfortunately) feel that their previously sociable and always-there-with-you wife is not that fun anymore, so they seek for someone more interesting to be with out there and the mother has to take all the responsibility on herself. So, when next time she hears that her partner wants a child again (it does not matter if it the same man, or a new beloved), she is likely to say that she is not ready to go through this again.

Another reason why your woman may not want to have more kids is that she has different views on family and children. So, when she already has one child, which is a complete mission for her, she will not want to have kids anymore.

Sometimes women do not want to bear kids after the first childbirth, which was very difficult. However, if they get understanding and love from the closest people, they can overcome their fear. And when their partner wants a child again, feeling his support they can decide to give birth to the second and even third child.

It is quite natural that a woman might not want to have a child because of the unstable financial situation, which is again the sign that she does not trust her man. And he is the only one who can change everything, proving his woman that he is safe.

When a divorced woman starts new relationship already having a kid and her new partner wants a child, she may refuse because she is afraid to stay alone with two kids now. So, if you talk to her, prove that you are serious and she believes you, she will definitely agree to become a mother again.

And, probably, the most frequent reason why a woman refuses to have any more kids when her partner wants a child so badly is that she does not want to lose herself. She still remembers how she had to leave all her usual world behind after her first child had appeared. She had to spend all the time at home, looking after the baby and could not devote much time to her own development. She could not go out with her friends and even with her beloved anymore because she was busy doing other things like feeding the baby, changing the diapers, cooking, washing, etc. That is why, if you do want to have a second baby, you have to do whatever it takes to make your woman believe that she will not lose her identity, that she will have time for herself, with a safe man beside her. To make her believe in it, start helping about the house, whenever she needs to go out or asks for your help, be ready to be there for her. By doing so, you will show that you are ready to become a father, you are ready to take the responsibility and she can rely on you without any hesitation.

As you can see, my dear reader, it is all in your hands and you are the one, who makes the BIG decision. And if you make it so, that your woman trusts you, you will never be the only one partner, who wants a child.