What is a date

“Mike, thank you so much! Everything was amazing! You are such a cool friend”, the lady said walking out of the restaurant holding a gorgeous bouquet of flowers in her hands. Nothing bad had happened, however, the guy’s smile quickly fades away, since he was sure he had just been having a date… sad, isn’t it?

Not to get into Mike’s shoes, it is highly important to know the difference between dating and relationships friends have. What is a date? Which signals tell you the girl could be invited to a romantic rendezvous and which warn it is not the right time? Read our article to find out!

The definition of dating meaning it is an informal meeting of two people interested in each other describes the essence of the issue best of all. It is not necessary to be accompanied by romantic music, reciting poems, or a saxophone performance. Even the simples walk can become a romantic event if it contains the following features:

  • both participants know exactly what their goals are and understand that mutual attraction was the reason of it;
  • all the conversations are aimed at learning more personal details;
  • the atmosphere is relaxed and filled with what is considered flirting;
  • compliments appear in the conversation and actions are filled with efforts to impress (give a hand, win a toy in a shooting gallery, stun with self-cooked dinner);
  • only TWO people take part in a date. A crowd of people in the park does not count; while the presence of her sister or your old friend will make one of you think: what is hanging out with this person about? Definitely, not something you expect from an evening with your possible love partner.

So, when is it the right time to ask HER out? The following signals of no fooling mean you must not waste a second and immediately ask the woman for a date.

  1. Body language can tell you everything.
    • She looks at you, but when you catch her eye, she immediately turns away;
    • blushes or smiles inappropriately in your presence;
    • subconsciously mirrors your gestures, phrases, etc.

    Of course, every woman is different, still, if you see at least two of these signs, she is ready.

  2. She does everything that flirt defines as attracting you: likes your Instagram posts; dresses so that she would stand out of the crowd to make you notice her; offers help or joins the conversation in which you take part.

Just like the body language the number of efforts to show being interested in you depends on the girl’s character.

When is it a bad idea to organize a date?

  1. The apparent lack of common interests and unwillingness to find them.
  2. The fact that the lady has a number of features you cannot stand or find irritating.
  3. Her open wish not to continue communication, ignoring, and avoiding seeing you.
  4. The woman is already in a relationship.
  5. When the girl is telling you all men are only aimed at dating casually meaning you are a good friend of hers, whose shoulder she can cry on.

Summarizing everything written above, I want to say that mixing up a usual meeting with a date is quite confusing same as asking out a woman, who is not interested in a romantic relationship with you. Therefore, not to get yourself in a pickle follow our tips. Good luck!

Valeria Matskevich With love