To tell you the truth, when I heard this question a couple of weeks ago, I was startled. Being connected with dating industry, I still have never heard this term. So I was determined to do what it takes to find out as much information about mail order brides sites as possible.
Let me start with telling you who mail order brides are. Usually, these are women from less developed countries, who want to find themselves a husband in the countries, which have a better standard of life. It is very interesting that mostly women from a former USSR are thought to be mail order brides. Why? To me it is still a secret.

It was very interesting to know that the term mail order brides has its origin at the times of the first American settlers, most of whom were men. When they came to America, they naturally wanted to find themselves a wife, but couldn’t. So, what did they do? They wrote letters to European women in which they asked them to become their wives. And this is when women were real mail order brides.

But how does everything work nowadays?

Usually a woman has a profile created in a database of a site she has addressed. The profile usually contains the woman’s pictures, the main information about her, her age, weight, height, her hobbies and interests, and the description of a man she is looking for. When everything is ready, men, who have paid for using the site’s services can look through her profile and try to start communicate with her if she seems attractive to them.

How to become a mail order brides site user?

First of all, you must fill in the questionnaire on your marital and criminal background, as well as your personal information – hobbies, preferences, etc., like girls do. And, of course, you will have to pay the fee for using the site. Usually there is a list of services, each of which has its own price, for example asking the girl’s address will cost you up to 10 bucks, ordering a call or a video-conference will be more expensive.

From everything that I have found out, I have managed to understand that any mail order brides site is seen as an online shop selling… wives. Very convenient. You are sitting on your favourite chair, scrolling the thousands of profiles up and down and choosing the «goods» to your taste. And when you are ready to make your order, you pay for it and start communication.

What I absolutely did not like about this, is that a lot of men, who are using such sites do see Ukrainian women as goods. They believe for some reason that if they send a message to a lady or order a call, she will definitely be happy to answer it. My dear men, I want to assure you, that our women, those who use mail order brides sites or international matchmaking agencies, have no aim to run away from their country by every possible way. They are ordinary people seeking their happiness and I am sure that they deserve respect.

On the other hand, there are a lot of stories telling about scammers, who just want to trick men’s money out. And I am not going to tell that mail order brides sites are crystal-clear as there is a good saying: there is no smoke without fire. It is natural and in every sphere of life there are drawbacks and risks. There is nothing perfect. That is why, if you want to look for your wife abroad, you must be careful and check carefully whichever service you want to choose.