Not long ago we conducted a survey among our clients. Its aim was to find out what kind of a  date they find an ideal one. Can you guess what most of them have chosen? Believe it or not, but it was a simple dinner. Really? Just a dinner? Not just a dinner… but a very important event in the life of every woman. So, why is a simple dinner an ideal date for a lady?  

The nature has created us, women, so that we always want to look wonderful and stun men around us. So, whenever we get a free minute, we try to spend it making ourselves more beautiful. And when we have an important meeting or a date with a man we like or want to impress, believe me, there is nothing better than to prepare for it and the preparation for a date is a sacred ritual for every girl.

An ideal date for every woman starts with creating an image. We spend a lot of time doing our hair. We stretch it, curl it, put it up, make different designs to finally find the best one for You, men. When the hair is ready it takes us some time to work on our make-up, which is usually quite challenging since we want to look bright and natural at the same time not to scare you, men. The last step of the ritual is choosing the most suitable outfit, which will not be too modest or too open. And finally, the shoes, which will turn your head, my dear men. Ukrainian women will never let themselves to go on a ideal date in shoes other than high-heeled ones. Why? I am sure you know the answer. High heels make our legs more attractive and they look very sexy.

You may think that a woman does the same before any kind of a date, then why is a dinner in a restaurant an ideal date? The answer is because a restaurant is the place where we, women, can be all armed – wearing an evening dress, high-heeled shoes, having an exquisite hair style. Can you imagine a girl dressed like this rollerblading or even watching a film in the cinema? I am sure, you cannot do this. Of course, at any date your lady will look fantastic, do not even doubt it, but only a dinner in a good restaurant can create THAT atmosphere, where a sparkle can run between you two. Romantic music, muted lights, she looks fantastic and you are being a real gentleman… isn’t that what both of you will remember for long?

So, when choosing the place for your ideal date, ask your matchmaker to find you a restaurant which will not be very crowded. It is better, if it is an unusual place which has its own style. It will also be good if there is live music, to which you will be able to dance. While dancing, both women and men are getting used to new feelings, emotions, aromas. And this is where you can «legally» touch your woman.

Finally, it can be strange to hear, but food that you will eat in a restaurant, can win you extra points. Since ancient times men have been the ones who had to kill a mammoth and bring it to a woman. By doing so, they showed that they were a good hunters and could provide food for their better half. That is why, even if a woman is not hungry, she will subconsciously feel that you are a safe and reliable man for her.

So, if you ask me personally what an ideal date is like, I would tell you without a doubt that it is a dinner in a restaurant.