What is the best age gap in a relationship

I always hear that age is just a number. Do you agree with this statement? Does it impact relationship in some way?

What is a good age difference in relationships? I found an interesting formula of an unknown inventor how to calculate a perfect age gap in a relationship what will work good for men. If you are 40ty y.o. (for example), you should half your age and add seven years to the result. So if we follow this formula we will see that for a 40 y.o. man will be better to date a 27 y.o. woman. Okay, I don`t see anything bad in it, but what if a man is 80 y.o. he will have to date a 47 y.o. woman then. The difference will be 33 years. I guess some men will be satisfied with such result. I know there is a type of men who think like “the younger the better” . It doesn`t bother if people mix them up with daddy and daughter. It doesn`t really matter if they almost don`t have common topics to discuss. He doesn`t know the name of cartoons she used to watch in her childhood as well as she isn’t aware of the bands he used to listen in his youth. What do they have in common then?

Of course it`s your right to date whoever you want. Good example is celebrities whose couples sometimes shock us with the big age difference in their relationships. What to say about celebrities when I have couples with age gaps in my environment too. I will use other names to protect their privacy.

number 1: Linda 31y.o and Adam 21y.o. Is a 10 year age difference too much? They were together for the whole one year. They were having so much fun until Linda decided that it was time to have another child (she already had a 7y.o. boy by the way). Of course Adam wasn`t ready and the problems started to appear. Later Linda told me that not everything was going smooth. For example, when they were choosing the country where to spend holidays, Adam had no idea where Germany was located. When you are in your 20s, you just start exploring the world. Your interests and goals change so frequently as the weather. Today you want to enter a university and get a degree in medical department, tomorrow you decide to travel around the world, in a month you come up with an idea to get married and settle.

number 2: Anna 30y.o. and Henry 50y.o. One of the couples with 20 year age difference. It seems they are just perfect together. They have the same interests and even the same habits. Their personalities are so similar. The problem is Henry in his 50s still not sure if he is ready for children. Is he ever going to be ready?

number 3: Maria 38y.o. and Alex 38y.o. They are the same age. They have the same interests and views on life. Maria and Alex have decided not to have children. It is neither good or bad, it is just a common decision of two people. They travel very often and live in different countries. It`s difficult to say where their home actually is. They decided to enjoy life without any responsibilities. A funny fact is Alex often uses Maria`s face cream because he doesn`t want to look older than his wife.

number 4: Carina 25 y.o and Dave 39 y.o. She told her personal story I would like to share with you. Carina lives in a big city, at one busy afternoon she was waiting at the crosswalk when a very charming lawyer (as she found out later), started a random conversation with her. She felt an immediate spark with him as well as he did, so they exchanged phone numbers. They planned a date without even asking any background information about each other. Between glasses of wine he said: “You look very young”. She answered: “Yeah. I do. I am 25”. Whether he was happy or not she didn`t know. He was not in rush to share his age though. She tried to study his wrinkles and little bit of grey hair. She couldn`t guess and he finally said he was 39. He started to excuse himself that there was not time to find a soulmate, busy building career and stuff. But the chemistry was so strong between them, they started to date. Later after their lifestyles proved to be drastically different. He was very busy with work and didn`t plan children in the near future, on the contrary she was already thinking to have kids. So they broke up after a year, but it was a beautiful romance.

Couple number 5: Ela 30 y.o and Charles 65 y.o. They live in Dubai. And as you can notice there are certain benefits from both sides of this couple. Ela wanted a luxurious life, having the last model of the car, a flat with a sea view and everything she has been dreaming of. Charles provided everything she wanted and in return she was accompanying him for all the events. On such terms each of them were happy and satisfied.

Listen only to yourself and to your heart. You should consider common interests, core values and future goals, but don`t underestimate the age too. 10 years age gap difference in a relationship and above may be the reason of problems in marriage.

What is the best age difference for marriage? An ideal age marriage gap according to some studies is from 0 to 3 years. But there is no universal formula, which guarantees happiness in marriage. Each couple has its own troubles. Sometimes we do look at successful celebrities where a man was half of his way to build a career when a girl was literally in her diapers and now they are happily married. Miracle? Maybe, but it happens very rarely.

Is a 5 year age difference too much? 5 year age gap between couples brought less satisfactory results. But it vastly depends on lifestyle of both partners, their compatibility, intimate connections and plans. So if you deeply connect on all levels with a person, it doesn`t mean you have to give up on someone because of age difference.

The reasons why people prefer age gaps:

  1. Cultural reason.
  2. Family background. You have an example of your parents who have lived a happy life with a difference in age or some of your close relatives.
  3. Having kids. If you want to postpone having children, so you choose a girl much younger to delay this period .

Ways to make such relationship work:

  1. Have tolerance and patience. Being calm and tolerating is going to contribute to being happy in such couple.
  2. Communicate and be open. If there are some things you cannot compromise with, speak up.
  3. Have a diverse sex life. Sexual intimacy is essential for healthy relationship.

Whether to be with an older or younger partner, it is up to you. But if you make a decision, it is your responsibility to put efforts to make it work.