I always hear that age is just a number. Is age just a number in a relationship as well? Does age gap impact relationship in some way? If there is a perfect age gap in relationship, do you think it will last forever?

And what is a perfect age gap in a relationship?

I found an interesting formula of unknown inventor how to calculate an age gap in a relationship what will work best for men. If you are 40ty y.o. (for example), you should half your age and add seven years to the result. So if we follow this formula we will see that for a 40 y.o. man will be better to date a 27 y.o. woman. Okay, I don`t see nothing bad in that but what if a man is 80 y.o. he will have to date a 47 y.o. woman then. Age gap in relationship will be 33 years in that case. I guess some men will be satisfied with such result. I know there is a type of men who think like “the younger the better” and it doesn`t really matter for them that their relationships never work, but instead they can show off with the young girlfriends. It doesn`t bother them that very often people mix them up with daddy and daughter. It doesn`t really matter that they almost don`t have common topics to discuss. He doesn`t know the name of cartoons she used to watch in her childhood as well as she isn’t aware of the bands he used to listen in his youth. What do they have in common?            

I don`t say that it`s not possible to be on the same page with the 30ty years age gap in a relationship. In case when a man has a very young soul and a woman has what? An old soul? It sounds funny, doesn`t it?

Of course it`s your right to date whoever you want. Good example is celebrities who sometimes shock us with the age gap in their relationships. What to say about celebrities when I have very interesting couples in my environment too. I will use different names to protect their privacy.

Couple number 1: Linda 38y.o and Adam 21y.o. They were together for the whole one year. They were having so much fun until Linda decided that it was time for her to have another child (she already had a 7y.o. boy by the way). Of course Adam wasn`t ready for that and the problems started to appear. Later Linda told me that not everything was going smooth. For example, when they were choosing the country where to spend holidays, Adam had no idea where Germany was located.

Couple number 2: Anna 30y.o. and Henry 50y.o. It seems they are just perfect together. They have the same interests and even the same habits. Their personalities are so similar. The problem is Henry in his 50s still not sure if he is ready for children. Is he going to be ready ever?            

Couple number 3: Maria 38y.o. and Alex 38y.o. They are the same age. They have the same interests and views on life. Maria and Alex have decided not to have children. They travel very often and live in different countries. It`s difficult for them to say where their home actually is. A funny fact is Alex often uses Maria`s face cream because he doesn`t want to look older than his wife.

Age gap in a relationship doesn`t matter only in one case, when you feel yourself totally happy, understood and loved. Listen only to yourself and to your heart.