This is the question  our clients ask us very often. However, every time we say that it is not easy to answer it. Of course, the best time to start a family is, probably, when you meet your ONE, with whom you are ready to spend your life. Still, it is difficult to deny that the age of a married couple also plays an important role in creating a healthy family.

Having spent a great deal of time in marriage business, I can state that people meet, fall in love, get married and start a family at different ages, starting from 15 and finishing with 80. It is so because everyone has their own destiny and reasons to make such a serious step at this very time of their lives. Still psychologists claim that there is a distinct dependence between the age and the success of a marriage.

According to numerous surveys people who decide to start a family at the age of 16-20 cannot expect for their marriage to last long. A lot of «early marriages» are made by mistake, under the storm of feelings. However, when the newly-weds face the usual routine, which makes romance fade, young husbands and wives lose the reason which made them be together and they divorce.

People aged 20-25 are better prepared for creating a new society unit. Therefore, their marriage can be a success if they devote more time to a routine life and family problems, leaving the entertainment at the second place. Still, if such a family bear a child soon after the wedding, they will have difficulties in getting used to a new style of life, without friends and parties.

It is believed that a good age to start a family is between 25 and 30 years old. At this time of life people usually reach a definite point: they finish studies, find a job and stand still on the ground. Having had enough freedom, they are ready to start building a family nest.

Psychologists state that the ideal age both for men and women to start a family is 30-40, since this is when people know exactly what they want  and choose their partner properly. They are ready to go through any troubles , knowing what kind of family they will get and long for creating a cozy family home.

40-50 years old is a period of life called «the crisis of middle age». At this time people start rethinking their life, and this is when they often create new families. This is, actually, not the best time to start a family, as men try to make up for lost time being unable to appreciate their partner and dive their head downwards. While women live their youth for the second time, they are self-confident more than ever and are ready for any experiments to remove the mountains.

Though strange it may seem, marriages after 55 are quite rare, still they are very strong and long-lasting. This age is one of the best periods of a person’s life when pure and sincere love appears between people. Their youth is far behind, they do not need to party all night long, care for children, etc. The only thing that a loving couple have to do is to spend their life together, sharing hobbies, enjoying communication with each other and leading a relaxing life.

If, having read this article, you start thinking that you are too young or old for making such a serious step in your life, I want to assure you that you must not follow the people’s opinion or psychologists’ advice. In case you find a person you want to start a family with, you must follow your feelings and listen to your heart, which will hopefully not make a mistake.