Any relationship is hard work. And if you have to start long-distance relationship, you must understand that you will work much harder. However, there are many couples who have gone through this and are happy now. Having read some of their stories, we have decided to devote this article to the issue of communication in long-distance relationship. How often to call her? Which service to use? Do I need to send her anything? If you want to find the answers to these and some other questions, we will help you with pleasure.

The first and most important advice in  long-distance relationship is to try to communicate as often as possible with the help of SMS- messages, phone calls, Skype or e-mail. It is very important to keep in touch and be «present» in each other’s everyday life in  long-distance relationship.

Challenge the distance and try to do something together. For example, you can watch the same film or TV programme simultaneously, play a computer game online, or even cook dinner using Skype , sing the same karaoke song or read the same book. Go shopping and send MMS to your woman asking her for some advice. I am sure she will gladly help you.

Despite the fact that you cannot see each other every day in  long-distance relationship, you have to keep emotional contact. For this you have to text each other on messengers like Viber or Whattsapp. Share your small victories, happy moments or problems. Ask each other for some advice. But if you decide to send an e-mail, it has to be well thought over so that your beloved could see that you have spent some time writing this letter.

You can also send each other romantic messages on every occasion. And you can send your woman small presents, flowers or sweets without any special reason. Even if you are thousands kilometres away from each other in long-distance relationship, you can make an online order and your beloved will be really happy to get something from you. It is a must to remember your common holidays even the least important ones and make little surprises to each other.

Even in long-distance relationship it is good to have common interests which you have to discuss all the time. If you collect stamps, tell her about a new unique sample in your collection. Do both of you like riding a bicycle? Then synchronise and ride at the same time. You can even turn on the video or talk on the phone and tell each other what you see. If you devote time to your favourite hobby tohether, you will share good emotions and feel each other’s presence.

Another good idea for long-distance relationship communication is Skype dating. Choose a day and time and once a week organise an on-line date with each other. Light the candles, take a glass of wine, turn on your favourite music and tell each other something nice.  You can also create your own common blog, which will be your secret, and post there noticeable events of your life, your emotions and feelings.

Think of common communication rituals. This could be telling each other fairytales before going to bed, or love letters which you will send each other every morning. Your imagination and your wish to become closer to each other will help you to create something to please your loved one and become dearer to each other.

Many people underestimate everyday communication, information exchange, even if it is telling about your routine. That is why they meet after some time and feel like strangers to each other. Consequently, if you want to keep long-distance relationship with your woman, the only answer to the question “How often to communicate” is “as often as possible” and do not be shy to open your heart to your woman.