When you think of marrying a woman from Ukraine, you also understand that she speaks a different language. Fortunately, nowadays, almost all Ukrainian girls learn English, which makes the communication easier. However, it seems to be a good idea to learn the Ukrainian language to be able to communicate not only with your beloved, but with other people, who surround her, as this is an inseparable part of any relationship. So, if you have decided to learn Ukrainian, our article will be of help to you.

The first thing you must remember is that mastering any foreign language is not a matter of two days. Speaking of the Ukrainian language, you must be prepared to work hard and becoming fluent in it can take you several years. However, if you set a real goal, which is important for you, you will definitely succeed.

So, the first step you must make to learn the Ukrainian language is find a teacher. Of course, nowadays there are many other ways to learn a foreign language, which we will mention later, but if you are a complete beginner a teacher of Ukrainian is the one, who can teach you the basics, systemize your knowledge, monitor and control you. No video-lessons or books can replace the person, who can explain what your problem is and show how to overcome it. So, if you decide to hire a private teacher, the best frequency of lessons is two or three times a week. Each lesson must last 1 or 2 hours.

Apart from private classes you must work on the language on your own.

And here are the best ways to develop your Ukrainian:

  1. Create the language environment for yourself. Watch movies on TV in Ukrainian, read Ukrainian books, choose the Ukrainian language to look through the sites on the Internet, or even switch your phone language to Ukrainian. By doing so, you will create a passive vocabulary for yourself. Moreover, by constant listening to the sound of the Ukrainian language, you will definitely know for sure how to pronounce the words correctly and when to use them.
  2. As we have already written, another way to learn the Ukrainian language is to use special applications, which you can download to your phone or computer. These are L-lingo, Learn Ukrainian, etc. What you have to do is just google «applications to learn the Ukrainian language» and you will get a wide choice of teaching programs.
  3. Speak Ukrainian aloud. Do this since the first day of your studies. Do not be afraid to sound funny, do not be afraid to misuse some words or expressions. Your main task is to learn to speak Ukrainian, not just know it. And the best way to start speaking is oral practice, no matter how hard it could be.
  4. It is also good to learn the Ukrainian language through communication with native speakers. Whenever you get a chance, immerse yourself in the language environment, go to the exhibitions, devoted to Ukrainian culture, use Ukrainian to talk to your Ukrainian girlfriend and her friends, text her in Ukrainian, etc. The more you communicate with people, who speak Ukrainian every day, the better your language will be.
  5. If you want to learn the Ukrainian language, you should not try to learn everything at once. Start with learning the most useful phrases, which you will need in everyday life like: «Skilky tse koshtuie?» (How much is it?), «Yak spravy?» (How are you?), etc. This will help you establish the communication.

Finally, many people, who begin to learn the Ukrainian language spend several months working hard, but then they understand that their pronunciation, grammar and other aspects of the language are far from being perfect. They get discouraged and give up studies. My dear reader, do not be one of them. Do not strive to be perfect immediately, be able to accept your mistakes, smile and never give up!