What is the difference between ‘beautiful’ and ‘hot’?

There are certain standards of universe female beauty and being sexy. We are influenced by the world standards of magazines adverts and beauty contests. If I hear the word “hot” I imagine a curvy sexy blonde or brunette with big breasts and seductive looks, when I hear “ beautiful” an image of a lady in a decent gorgeous dress pops up.

So what is the difference between hot and beautiful? Are these two definitions the same?

I`ve decided to ask some of my male friends how they imagine a hot vs beautiful girl to help me actually identify her.

Dennis 33 y.o.: I will find a female hot if she has a model look. She has to be skinny and tall, preferably with long blond hair.

Angelo 40 y.o.: Curvy brunette. She has to have petite forms and I should see passion in her eyes

Bledi 28 y.o.: I`m a bit confused with this question. Looking back at my ex-girlfriends I can`t give the exact definition because all the ladies I have dated were totally different and I definitely found all of them sexy. I assume I was attracted to something mysterious in them, in their behavior maybe.

Alexandr 45 y.o.: I like ladies with muscular athletic body, very sportive and strong. I like admiring athletic bodies on a beach, it is very sexy and a sign that a girl takes care of her health.

Dima 37 y.o: I love plum girls with hourglass bodies. I am not a fan of skinny models. Wide hips and a slender waist is ideal. When I was thinking about having a girlfriend, I wanted that she would look “healthy”. I met a girl who cooked very well and it is sexy for me. She has no abs, but she is really pretty.

I was a bit confused with the answers. As you see there aren`t identical replies, as many men as many opinions.

Is there any difference between calling a girl beautiful and hot? The word itself means a compliment on appearance, but the difference will make:

  1. Your relationship. If you have just met, it is not a good idea to use the word “hot” as a compliment. It might be misinterpreted as a sexual implication. If you have serious intentions to a lady, you may use other words as compliments.
  2. Place. If it is a date (a restaurant or a public place), it is not appropriate too. If you have known each other for quite a while and you go shopping and she tries on a new dress (it is ok to mention that she is hot). Male nature can dominate when you see a gorgeous woman in a sexy dress and your mind might be distracted, but you may say: “You are stunning today!”
  3. The age of a woman matters too. I remember a very embarrassing moment, which I witnessed in the park. A woman in her 50s was walking a dog in the park. She was wearing a nice tracksuit, which showed her curves. She was really in a good shape. Probably she used to do sport professionally before. A group of young gentlemen were sitting on the benches and discussing passers-by. They were having fun and probably didn`t think before they gave a creepy compliment to that lady with a dog. When she was passing by, they turned their head in awe and said: “Wow, you look so hot. Do you have a boyfriend?” It was really inappropriate remark. First of all, you should consider the age group. Use the words wisely. When they are thoughtful and genuine, they are a magic power that can turn somebody`s day, make them feel proud and happy or change their mood to opposite from positive.

Sometimes definitions “beautiful” and “hot” do not coincide. You can see a perfectly good-looking woman with ideal body proportions and extremely cute face but you don`t have a click. You just look at her as at a picture but your heartbeat doesn`t increase. Or you are super excited when you see a gorgeous lady but in 5 minutes of communication with her you realize that it`s not your person at all, you are totally different, you have diverse perspectives on life.

Or let`s look at another situation. You always were attracted to skinny ladies with blond hair and blue eyes but your heart won a red haired girl with the cutest freckles and with the most infectious laugh ever.

These stories show us that sometimes you don`t know yourself what you need and what kind of woman will make you happy and satisfied in life. That`s why every psychologist will advise you to be more open minded and give a chance to women who choose you. You never know with whom you will end up. Just give a try and use your every chance to meet the love of your life.

One of my friend said that he was not looking for appearance but for soul, because what a sense to run for appearance if it would disappear with ages anyway. His theory makes sense, doesn`t it?

A lady can be attractive and hot but without a great personality it doesn`t make any sense. You will be bored in a short period of time. When the starting period of relationships finishes, looks stop being the key-factor. It is replaced by common interests and common perception of various life situations.

I wish you to meet on your way a woman with the rich inner world.