With the Christmas season upon us, there is always the question what to present to your lady? Well it`s a quite cold time of the year now and would be great to buy something that will keep you both warm or even hot. Time to buy a sexy present. Use the gifting season as a way to get closer to her and to spice up your sex life as well.

Buying a sexy present for your girlfriend is a little bit risky. You probably feel when you are on that level of relationship where it would be appropriate to buy her sex-related goods. You should know the personality of your lady, her comfort level and her level of emancipation. You should be careful in choosing that kind of gifts. The purpose is to make her feel exciting and surprised to receive a sexy present but not embarrassed and offended. Sexy presents can be shocking and scary sometimes, that’s why you have to know a woman you have been dating and understand her wants and needs in the sex life. People are different, women are different. For someone sexy present is the latest sex toy, for another is a romantic novel where the sexiest part is a kiss of main characters.

There is a list of sexy presents where we tried to find a balance between sexy and indecent.

  • Sexy present – sexy lingerie

What can better show your love and tenderness to your lady than sexy and feminine lingerie presented by you. Sexy lingerie will make your lady feel even more sexy and desirable.

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  • Sexy present – handcuffs

Flowers and candies are always good but handcuffs might be better 😉

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  • Sexy present – sexy photoshoot

What a great idea to do an erotic photoshoot where the main character will be your gorgeous woman. Plus, it is a little treat for you as well. You can make a private photo album after, only for your eyes.

  • Sexy present – sex game

Time to play games! There are so many games and roles to play. You just need to choose a costume. Have fun.

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  • Sexy present – sexy Thigh High

This nice and absolutely inoffensive gift can significantly spice your sex life up.

  • Sexy present – sexy candles

An erotic candle has more uses than just heating a room. It will melt into silky-smooth massage oil that will feel amazing on your girlfriend`s skin. Aroma and light of candles will help you feel festive when you get naked.

  • Sexy present – sexy shoes

Red high-heeled shoes for your sexy queen. Shoes can drive both of you wild.

  • Sexy present – SPA massage

Just imagine how both of you will have side-by-side spa treatment, including time alone in a rose-petal-strewn tub, a bottle of Champagne with strawberries and chocolate, and lounging time by a fire after the treatment.  

  • Sexy present – erotic book

Book is always a good present. Erotic book is always a sexy present. You can discover some new information and try it in your sex life.

  • Sexy present – YOU!

The sexiest present for your lady is YOU! Your love, your respect and your attention are the best gifts you can give her.