Although it may seem that you are absolutely happy and nothing can put an end to it, one day it happens so that you split up with the “woman of your dreams”. Why does it happen?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of reasons why couples break up. So, what kills  relationship? Let us take a look at 10 most vivid reasons.

  1. Though strange it may seem, the first thing that kills relationship is family and friends, with whom we spend most of our time. So, if, for some reason, you have long-term misunderstandings with your girl’s friends or members of the family, it will make it impossible for you to stay together with them in the same room. And SHE will have to choose between you and her family. Who will she choose? We do not know… The only way out here is to be friendly with everyone.
  2. Life stresses are another thing that kills relationship. Being a couple, you feel yourself a social unit separated from the rest of the world with your own “we-against-the-rest” mentality. That is fantastic! However, the real world is cruel and it brings its problems to your small unit. Being unable to cope with them can easily destroy your strong relationship.
  3. Strangers. A couple is known to be a union of two people. That is why, as soon as the third person appears, especially if it is someone’s ex-, everything can go crosswise. If you have got into such situation, act quickly and let the “stranger” know that you have other priorities, otherwise your being friendly and polite can nourish their obtrusiveness.
  4. Bad habits are undoubtedly one of the things that kills relationship. Of course, you cannot love everyone and there is no perfect human.  When you love her, you start neglecting seeing her hair on the floor of your flat or leaving the dishes to be washed tomorrow. But, as time passes, you become obsessed and irritated with this. In that case, even a single hair found on the floor can kill your relationship. Not to let it happen discuss the problem with your woman and come up with the solution.
  5. High level of comfort. Having lived together for some time, partners find the level of comfort, become friends and the level of intimacy between them falls. Life becomes routine and dull. That is when sex becomes not so important and is likely to happen with another person. The only thing that it will bring is the feeling of guilt, being immoral and cause your flying off the handle at your partner.
  6. Having different aims  can easily kill relationship too. If the couple are not careful enough to keep the relationship, they can soon split up because of the lack of communication, career, the questions of domination of one’s interests over the other’s, low estimation of the sacrifices made by one person in favor of other.
  7. Past. Living with the past you cannot move forward to the future. If you begin to compare the present relationships with the previous partners, even if the comparison is positive, it will not do you good. Past is gone and present is not a duplicate of it. Present is different. That is why, although it is believed that we must learn on our past mistakes, you must only think of and focus on your future.
  8. Forcing the events. Healthy relationship develops gradually with its natural speed, which can be not always the same. So, if you feel that you are ready to get married, it can happen so that your partner needs more time. So be able to understand that and wait a bit. If you force your girl to make a decision immediately, you are likely to become the one who kills relationship, though unintentionally.
  9. Dependence-independence. You have to find the balance between these. It is not good to infringe your partner and control everything that she does. However, giving her too much freedom can make her feel lonely. So it is better to sit down and discuss each other’s rights and responsibilities.
  10. Breach of faith is the first thing that kills relationship. Not every couple can get over it, even if both partners are working hard on surviving this, there will always be a feeling of distrust between them.

Having looked in the face of the enemies of our happiness, we can say that we are all armed. We know that the only thing we need to do to fight them is talk to our partners, work out the problems and find the way out.