What kind of Ukrainian girls address matchmaking agencies and why?

Hello my dear readers! Today’s article is devoted to those of you who decided to look for your destiny outside your country and find a wife abroad. Here the question arises: what kind of woman from Ukraine wants to marry a man from another country and why they want to use the help of a matchmaking agency. I hope you will find the answers to your questions below.

Dating in Ukraine is becoming more and more international. Single ladies are looking for love abroad or with a local man through matchmaking services too.

Do dating agencies really work? It depends what kind of agencies you use and what you are aiming at. If you are looking for fun, you may use different apps for dating like Tinder, Badoo or other ones. There are no guarantees who are behind the screen, it might be a lonely teenager who posted a picture of a girl, which was taken from the Internet. You may even fall in love with a person, who is far from being real and get frustrated in dating world in general. There also marriage agencies. If you have enough time, then you may try it as well. But the result maybe the same. Even if the person is real, she can turn out to be a completely different lady from the one she was in texts. You will come to see her in Ukraine and she won`t meet your expectations. But it really depends on a particular person and situation.

If you choose a dating agency in Ukraine, you should be ready to take important decisions, be responsible and adventurous. International dating requires a bit more efforts than a local one. You should be careful too, you might come across a type of Ukrainian girls that are not interested in marriage at all. What they want is money and presents. Such women are called scammers. However, a good matchmaking agency makes sure that all its clients are interested in getting married, and if you address the agency you trust, you will never meet such a woman.

Having worked in a matchmaking service, I can tell you that there are many reasons why Ukrainian girls want to find their future husband outside Ukraine: being eternally busy at work, having no candidates for a husband in a small town, negative previous experience with a local man, a conscious decision to have a foreign husband and raise children in another culture. We interview every single lady, who turns to our matchmaking agency and would like to share with you their reasons:

  1. Marina. “I am 27 years old and I have decided to search for my partner abroad, because of several reasons. I have always been interested in other cultures, I am learning English and German. When I was a student I took part in different cultural exchange programs, one of them was “host family” in England. As I was a student at the department of foreign language, it was the best opportunity to see the other part of the world as well as practice English. It had a great impact on me and on my dreams. I spent only one month with them, but they were an example of a happy family. So the idea of an international marriage came to my mind since my visit to England.”
  2. Kate. “I am 31. I like travelling a lot, not only abroad, but inside my country too. It is my passion. I like exploring new places and new people. I always go outside of my comfort zone, even if I don`t have a travel companion, I am fine to go by myself. I don`t get bored either alone or with my friends. If I travel alone, it is a great opportunity to find peace, read a book, meditate in a beautiful place and just listen to my own thoughts. I am very adventurous and easy-going person, I can take even last minute decisions and set for an adventure. I consider international marriage. I like changes and something new. I would love to have a big family and kids. I think it is amazing when children are brought up in multicultural environment.”
  3. Anna. “I am 29. I have been studying Chinese culture since I was a student, I don`t why but something draws me there. I love its history, culture and traditions. I am in love with Chinese cuisine. After visiting China several times it is my favourite food now. I love spinach noodles, dumplings are the best, it reminds me of Ukrainian vareniki, also tofu and different kind of steamed vegetables. When I first went there, the food looked very unusual and I couldn`t imagine that I would love it so much. Street food is a different kind of art. But it is not only the cuisine, which took my heart. I love eating too, but it is not everything about food. I consider my future husband to be from Asia. I think I can perfectly blend in this culture. That’s why I decided to address a matchmaking agency. “
  4. Tamara. “ I am 48. I had been married to a Ukrainian man, it was a good marriage. But it there was no love anymore in our relationship, we were raising children and were focusing on them. Now my daughter is married and lives in Malaysia, my son moved to Europe. And now I have time to discover my true self, and you know what? It turned out I have so many hidden talents, I am good at drawing and singing, also I am pretty good at learning foreign languages. We divorced with my husband 6 years ago and the time after divorce I devoted to my self-development. I am happy, I often visit my children and travel with them to different countries. I got the idea of international marriage not so long ago and I am really ready to find a husband abroad. I am not planning to have children and I think my future husband too. So the best option to find international love is matchmaking agency. It is a great opportunity to meet a person, who lives across the ocean and is from different culture. I don`t mind moving to another country”.
  5. Tatiana. “I am 33. I have been in relationship with Ukrainian guy for 5 years. We loved each other, but unfortunately he didn`t want to take a serious step in our relationship. He is more focused on his job and is not planning to have a family in the nearest future. I am planning to have a family soon and I want kids too. I have always been dreaming to be a young mum. My best friend advised me to use matchmaking service as she successfully did and now is happily married. I am in the process of learning English and I hope that in the nearest future I will meet my significant one, who will have the same goals and core values as me. “

As you have noticed, the ladies who turn to matchmaking agency are different, but all of them are ready to be in a relationship with a foreign man. Usually they are open-minded, family-oriented, adventurous and ready for changes in their lives.

Sometimes a matchmaking agency work with women who have been divorced, broke up with their beloved, or whose husband has died. Leaving everything behind, these ladies look for the better future. But only if a lady is completely over a break up and is ready to start a new relationship from the scratch, having let go past experience.

I want to believe that I have managed to give you at least some idea about what kind of women you will contact when you decide to find yourself a wife abroad. Still, no matter what type you will meet, be sure they all are looking for their happiness just like you…