Do you want to expand your horizons? Are you interested in secure dating services and meeting international singles? Do you consider Ukrainian girls for marriage? If you answer “Yes,” the next question will probably be related to an appropriate matchmaking agency. Why do beautiful ladies in Ukraine address reliable matchmaking services? What is their purpose? What we’d like to highlight is that we interview every single lady, who turns to our agency. In case you are wondering what kind of woman wants to marry a man from another country, we would like to share our female clients’ opinions.

Natalia: “I am 33. I’m keen on travelling. It’s my greatest passion. Not only does exploring new places fascinate me, but I’m also interested in getting acquainted with new interesting people. It’s all about getting outside of your comfort zone. I never get bored even if I travel alone. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to read a book, listen to music or to my own thoughts, meditate in a marvelous place, let me have that moment in private. I consider myself an adventurous and easy-going person. Perhaps, that’s why I’d like to meet a man from a completely different culture. I guess it would be amazing to bring up children in a multicultural environment.”

Svetlana: “Being 28 years old, I’ve decided to search for my partner abroad, because I’m a big fan of foreign languages and… adventures? Wouldn’t it be lovely to meet a guy with serious intentions halfway around our global world? Wouldn’t it be fabulous? I’m pretty romantic, I guess. I used to study English, French and Japanese at the university. I took part in different cultural exchange programs, in particular, in Scotland I had a chance to enjoy the family atmosphere and the personal attention by the host family. Two highly-intelligent people with three sweet kids. He was from Edinburgh, she was from Belgrade, Serbia. I don’t know why the idea came to me when it did, but I instantly knew an international partnership would make my life more interesting.”

Anna: “I am 30. I have been studying Chinese for three years. I’m a big fan of history. I guess I’m in love with Asian culture. Authentic customs and traditions impress me. I adore Chinese cuisine; I’ve already tried several recipes, in particular, spinach noodles and dumplings. I’d like to meet an Asian man to fall in love with. I hope he’ll be an excellent father for our children.”

Elena: “I am 47 and I’m divorced. You know, I don’t think anyone should make the mistake of getting married too young. However, I was happy. Besides, I have a lovely daughter. Now she’s pregnant and lives in Finland. It’s a perfect moment to discover my true self. To be honest, I’ve figured out a few hidden talents, for example, I’m good at playing the piano and woodcarving. I’ve been making handmade toys for the last ten years. Two years ago, I started a small business. It may surprise you that my toys are popular in Europe. Looking at my daughter who has got married to a handsome Finnish gentleman, currently working at the international IT company, I’ve decided to address a professional matchmaker. Why not? I speak English fluently, I’m independent and willing to relocate.”

Nastya: “I’m 26 and I consider myself a girl with traditional family values. I have loving, excellent model parents, an example to follow. My older sister has two kids. I adore my nieces. I have always been dreaming of being a mother. Although I like my job (I’m currently working as an accountant), I believe a woman’s natural role is to be a wife and mother. I hope I will meet my better half who shares the same core values.”

As you have noticed, all women are different, but they are ready to build a solid relationship with a foreign man.