Nowadays it is not unusual to see a Ukrainian woman dating a man from abroad. Personally I think that it is a popular trend for Ukrainian girls to have a foreign boyfriend or husband. Still, the question arises: why? Why do Ukrainian girls choose foreign men?

What qualities does an average Ukrainian woman appreciate in a man from abroad?

According to what our clients say, these are as follows:

  1. Politeness. No matter what happens around, a foreign man will always stay a real gentleman. Even if there is a fly in his or his girl’s soup, he will never start an argument with a waiter. He will never shout and beat himself in the chest saying that he demands respect and high quality. If such a thing happens, a foreign man will politely ask the waiter to change the dish and will never spoil a romantic evening with his Ukrainian woman.
  2. Being an interesting interlocutor. Such a quality on our list is not a surprise, as foreign men usually travel a lot. They see a lot of countries and can tell a lot about their journeys, which is a good chance for a Ukrainian woman to learn lots of amazing things about the world.
  3. Willingness to learn something new. Despite, or even thanks to having a chance to see the world, foreign men are eager to learn new things. That is why, a Ukrainian woman has a chance not only to listen to her man’s stories, but show herself and tell him something too.
  4. Generosity. A foreign man is usually ready to make presents to his woman. He will not count how much this or that will cost. According to what our client girls say, men from abroad do like making presents and do not wait for some “treat” from a Ukrainian woman in return.
  5. Being able to make compliments. One may think that words do nothing, however they underestimate the power of word. I do not know how, but foreign men find the right way to say something nice to a Ukrainian woman. They will definitely notie her new haircut, her wonderful dress or crystal voice. What is more, the compliment made by them will not be a flattery and will definitely go from the heart.
  6. Being gentle but strong at the same time. We have already discussed the point about the foreign men’s politeness, which will not let them start an argument, but stay a real gentleman no matter what happens. However, at the same time, a foreign man can stand for his rights and for the rights of his Ukrainian woman. He will never let anyone offend her. That is why SHE likes to be beside such a man, who gives her kindness and support.
  7. Independence and maturity. Foreign men are grown up enough to make decisions. They do not doubt. They  always take responsibility for their actions. An that is why a Ukrainian woman will definitely want to have such a partner; the partner who will give her a chance to behave like a real woman and let the man lead.
  8. Democracy in relationship. Being independent and mature, foreign men have enough brain to be self-confident and not to become tyrants in relationship. They do not impose their rules on a Ukrainian woman and they do not demand. The system of total control in relationship is not typical of them.

Having read all the above written, one may say that such a description is very general and men can be different. However, the fact remains that such qualities are typical of foreign men, which cannot be but appreciated by every Ukrainian woman.